Geekly Review #145


This week was mainly taken up by watching Olympics, but there was some time for a few Geeky activities. Mainly No Man’s Sky (and disappointment).

No Man’s Sky Actually Launched!

Can you believe it? No Man’s Sky actually launched. No delays this time. It actually launched. So naturally I was incredibly hyped for it despite a pretty good attempt at information blackout. I wanted to play the game with as little known about the game as possible. A few days before launch someone was leaking the game as they somehow got it early. The temptation to follow these leaks was ridiculous, but I prevailed. The big day came and my copy arrived on time to much joy.

Well, I’ve done at post with my impressions of the game after a few hours here. It wasn’t exactly a glowing account of the game. I was true to my word in that post though and I did continue with the game and try to play it more. I put a few more hours into it. But sadly my opinion on the game has not changed. I’m afraid I’m really not a fan of it. Mining constantly, grinding to ensure you have resources to power your mining tools. It’s a massive loop of repetitive boringness. Not the free to explore space game I was hoping. I’ll do an 2nd post shortly with full disappointments.

Unfortunately one of the most hyped and anticipated games of this generation is a pretty big disappointment for me.


No Man’s Sky Launch MASSIVE For PS4 (UK Stats)

So despite the criticism’s I’ve had with the game, and a really random set of review scores, No Man’s Sky launched on PS4 to a huge sales reception. It becomes Sony’s 2nd biggest ever PS4 launch (behind Uncharted 4) and Sony’s biggest launch for a new IP on PS4. In terms of new IP across all publishers and Sony formats it sits 5th behind Destiny (PS4), Watch Dogs (PS4), The Getaway (PS2) and The Last of Us (PS3).

Pokemon Snap Coming to Wii U Virtual Console

AMAZING NEWS! The N64 Classic Pokemon Snap is coming to the European Wii U virtual console on Thursday 18th August. Not your traditional Pokemon game, Pokemon Snap tasked you with capturing them all but on film rather than in a Pokeball. The game was a fan favourite and a sequel has been the stuff of dreams for Pokemon fans myself included. Many saw the Wii U as the perfect console for this with the unique game play possibilities of the Wii U game pad. It’s not a sequel, but it’ll certainly do for now.


Star Wars: Rogue One New Trailer

Not much to say about this one other than the force looks strong with it. In other words, It looks pretty damn awesome.


Kenny Baker (R2-D2) Passes Away

Staying on Star Wars news, but unfortunately sad news. Kenny Baker who played the mischievous droid R2-D2 in the first 6 Star Wars films sadly passed away over the weekend aged 81.


One To Watch – Seasons After Fall

Last week we dropped a post about a game hopefully releasing this year that we’re quite excited about. In case you missed it, take a look at our feature of Seasons After Fall.



– Murr

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