Super Mario Coming to IOS

Never would I have expected to see Shigeru Miyamoto on stage at an Apple Event, But today it happened.

Shigeru Miyamoto was introduced to the stage to reveal Super Mario Run.


It’s the first Mario title for Mobile and features Touch / Tap Controls.

There is an included multiplayer mode called Toad Rally where the objective is to beat other players high scores.


It’ll be releasing for 2016 holidays.

It’ll be a fully paid game, not free to play, no subscriptions or anything. Pricing to be announced later, but will come out in time for holiday 2016.

There’s also a set of Super Mario stickers for iMessage, that will come out alongside iOS 10.

Details from Nintendo:

A new Mario game you can plaay with one hand!

At long last, Mario jumps into a new adventure on iPhone and iPad, this time playable using only one hand.

Even if this is your first Mario game, you won’t be able to put it down!

In this game, you constantly move forward through the courses while using a variety of jumps to navigate. Your character will behave differently depending on the timing of your taps, so it’s up to you to show off particularly smooth moves, gather coins, and reach the goal.

Super Mario Run offers three different game modes:
– The first mode features challenging courses for you to complete.
– In the second mode, you challenge the play data of other people’s completed courses. You compete to see who can finish the course with the most style!
– In the third mode, you can create your own Mushroom Kingdom using coins collected by playing the first two game modes.

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– Murr

5 thoughts on “Super Mario Coming to IOS

  1. Nintendo moving to a new platform, so they can sell you all the same games *again*?
    Nice that they’re branching out though.

  2. Actually no, When’s the last time you “Officially” saw a Mario game on a non Nintendo platform?

    Miyamoto followed this up in an interview explaining why they’re doing it and it really strikes on how the gaming world has been changing.

    ” Miyamoto noted that there was a point in time when “[Nintendo’s] hardware system was really the first device that kids would interact with, and that’s starting to shift.” The first device kids interact with now, he says? Their parent’s smartphone. This notion of the smartphone “being the first place this kids are encountering games, is what helped us to decide to bring this to smartphones,” Miyamoto said.”

    He’s certainly not wrong, the change from 80’s and i’d confidently say 99% of children owning a Nintendo console of some kind and being introduced to Mario on that to their first experience of gaming today is incredible. To get children exposed to Mario again it makes perfect sense to make him available on the most commonly owned platform… a mobile phone.

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