Shoot Talk #1

So if you check out Geek.Sleep.Rinse.Repeat regularly you’ll already know that I’m the wrestling fan of our duo. But it’s become apparent that as of late I’ve neglected the wrestling news or features. Our WWE section has become pretty baron, so I’m trying to reinvigorate it with more up to date features and thoughts on current wrestling news. Since my re-found-love for wrestling in 2013 I’ve also had my eyes opened to other wrestling promotions and circuits through friends, so will also try to include thoughts from other promotions as well as WWE as often as I can, but please remember that my main interest is within WWE.

Smackdowns Booking

So since the Draft split back in July myself and my 2 wrestling amigos have been watching Raw and Smackdown (granted the day after airing live) and dissecting and discussing each episode (We’ve been watching for longer than that, but for the point of this feature, we’re starting with the brand split). While we’ve been completely blown away by Raw with regards to Sasha Banks winning WWE Woman’s Championship in week one and Finn Balor having a rocket strapped to him to go on and become the first WWE Universal Champion we’ve been equally impressed with how Smackdown has booked its roster.

The best example of this clever booking coming from this week’s episode that aired on 6th September with regards to their Tag Division.

Right now, it’s really weird to type this seriously, but Heath Slater is one of the most ‘over’ guys in the WWE. It’s weird right? He’s captured our hearts and all we want is for him to be able to provide for his 100 odd kids (exaggeration). American Alpha are perhaps 2nd to only Enzo and Cass In terms of popularity in the tag division. Initially and I’m probably not alone in this, I’d have pegged AA as the inaugural Smackdown Tag Champions. But with the unexpected rise in popularity of Heath and his olive branch being that if ‘free agent’ Heath Slater wants a Smackdown contract he’d need to find a partner and win the inaugural Smackdown Championship title, all of a sudden that’d make AA the heel team. This is not an option.

So how do you rectify this dilemma of keeping the ‘over’, one man band of Heath on Smackdown and not making fans sour on AA should they win the tag champions?

You take AA out of the equation and in the process kill 2 birds with 1 stone and turn the sort of stale Uso’s to a much needed character switch as a heel team.

It’s perfect!

AA might have to wait a little longer for those tag belts, but we all know they will get them, and when they do you bet your ass they’ll still be the over face team. Heath and his tag partner Rhino (who has never won a tag team championship in the United States) still have that shot of achieving the fairy tale dream, and with the Uso’s heel turn on the go home show to Backlash if they do actually win and prevent Heath and Rhino of gold the heat intensifies on them even more. Seriously it’s fucking genius.


What’s best for the Swiss Superman?

So while WWE was in the United Kingdom, Cesaro got his first victory in the best of 7 series against Sheamus taking the aggregate score to 3-1 in favour of the Celtic Warrior. As 1 of the wrestle amgios pointed out in our discussion this lines up perfectly for Cesaro to win the next 2 bouts on RAW taking the series to 3-3 with the finale taking place at the Raw exclusive PPV Clash of Champions. We’re expecting Cesaro to win this series of course. WWE could swerve us completely and just have Sheamus win the next encounter taking the series 4-1. But we can’t see that. Cesaro is undeniably popular in WWE right now and despite not grabbing that ‘brass ring’, fans want to see him get that push we all thought he was on route for when he won the first Andre the giant Battle Royal.

But what is best for Cesaro right now? The main event scene of Raw right now is just unbelievable in terms of depth. While Kevin Owens sits pretty at the top, Seth Rollins, Roman Reigns, Chris Jericho (yes really) & Sami Zayn can all stake a claim at the top prize in RAW, and WWE right now seems to have a high on Cass including him in recent main event matches, so you can assume he will continue to feature somewhat around that main even spot. And what is the eventual prize at the end of this best of 7. Do we know if Cesaro is winning his way to the top spot of RAW? Is he just bumping his credentials for a shot at Rusev once he returns from his honeymoon and the United States Championship?

While any gold on Cesaro right now would be a plus, we can’t help but feel he’d have been better off drafted over to Smackdown. While AJ Styles Is the face that run’s the place and Dean Ambrose is the owner of the companies top belt, adding Cesaro to that roster given the names there you can’t help but feel he’d be straight in contention for that top price. AJ Styles vs Cesaro for a number one contenders match for the WWE Championship. Or better yet AJ Styles vs Cesaro FOR the WWE Championship.


Chris Jericho at his best

I’ll keep this one short, but we’ve agreed that right now in 2016, Chris Jericho is in one of the best roles of his life in the WWE. His current gimmick is absolutely sensational as he has once again reinvented an arrogant smug cocky heel that we can’t get enough of on the mic. Drink it in man. His chemistry with Kevin Owens and interrupting the ‘face’ character moments have been brilliant. Even before the brand split he was onto something but the first RAW after the split walking down the ramp telling Sasha Banks to be “Quiet, Quiet, Quiet, Quiet” and telling Enzo Amore he’s gonna get “IT”. Whatever ‘IT’ is, it’s hilarious.


PWG Battle of Los Angeles 2016

We’re anticipating the DVD release of BOLA 2016, especially after their teaser videos for night one and night two. Seriously, just look at the list of participants over this weekend. It is simply mind blowing the talent that was there. And it was an impressive showing for British Wrestling there too. No spoilers, I’ll let you find out for yourself, but seriously, just check out these teasers for night one and night two. [Source:]

WWE Cruiser Weight Classic Semi Finals & Final

One of the highlights of the WWE Network over the summer was tuning in weekly to see some of the best Cruiser Weight action from all over the world in the CWC. Once the brackets were announced we discussed that with Zac Sabre Junior and Kota Ibushi being on opposite sides of the bracket it was a given that they’d meet each other in the final. As the tournament has progressed so have they and they now sit in the semi finals both one step away from the final we all predicted. While the tournament progressed many of the participants were officially signed to the WWE roster and confirmed to be appearing on RAW and NXT. 2 standout names though are as of yet to be officially signed. Ibushi & ZSJ. So now we’re this close to the final and these 2 favourites haven’t signed with WWE it got me thinking would they really make the inaugural CWC Champion someone who’s not signed to the company yet? I know before the thing started it wasn’t official that anyone would sign up with WWE, but once the announcement on RAW of an exclusive Cruiser Weight Division was happening, you kinda put two and two together.

Anyway’s to the point, as much as I’d have expected ZSJ or Ibushi to win before the tournament started, since the creation of the RAW Cruiser Division and the fact that so many of the CWC participants are now signed to WWE but these 2 aren’t I can now see either Perkins or Metalik being the first CWC champ. More so Metalik. What a way to give the guy a rub? Have him go over Ibushi and ZSJ in two matches to win the title. It’d make him the automatic favourite for the Cruiser Weight Belt on RAW. So it’s a bit out there, but I can see Metalik winning the CWC.


Book it Vince

Smackdowns first exclusive PPV since the brand split takes place this Sunday with Backlash. Myself and the Amigo’s have discussed our predictions and here is how we expect things to go. The results are set out with a number next to who we picked to win, so for example the AJ vs Ambrose we’ve all picked AJ. So Ambrose 0 AJ 3.

Dean Ambrose vs AJ Styles – WWE Championship [Ambrose 0 – AJ 3]

The Miz vs Doplph Ziggler – Intercontinental Championship [Miz 3 – DZ 0]

Uso’s vs Hype Bros – Tag Team Championship Final Quali – [Usos 3 – Hype 0]

Beauty & The Man Beast vs Uso’s – Tag Team Championship Final [B&TMB 2 – Usos 1]

Naomi vs Becky vs Nikki vs Alexa vs Carmela vs Natalya – WWE SD Womans Championship [Becky 2 – One person couldn’t decide between Nikki, Becky or Natalya]

Bray Wyatt vs Randy Orton – Singles Match [Bray 3 – Orton 0]



3 thoughts on “Shoot Talk #1

  1. I’m still a fan of the Attitude era of Wrestling. I have a hard time watching the show now, though I do enjoy the highlights.

    I guess for me, once you lost stars like Undertaker and the Rock as regular wrestlers, that’s when wrestling lost its appeal for me.

    • Agreed that time was pretty spectacular. The likes of The Rock, HHH, Stone Cold, Kurt Angle, Undertaker etc etc etc all on the same show is quite mind boggling now you think back about it. That star power was incredible. But have to say the WWE roster currently is looking the best it’s been for quite some time. Their approach of scouting the indie circuits and NJPW for the best talent has resulted in a glorious 2015 and especially 2016 for the company.

      Never would I have expected that Kevin Owens & Shinsuke Nakamura would be holding the top titles of their respective brands 12 months ago. I’ve not watched Backlash yet due to the time it’s on in the UK, so can’t comment on the Smackdown title. Shall be watching tonight though. 🙂

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