Geekly Review #150

Just me this week as Murr is (probably) nursing a hangover after being on a Stag do. Let’s get in to the games shall we!


Last week saw the release of the rogue like space shooter Everspace via early access. I’ve been following Everspace for a while and it was actually featured in my ‘Games to keep an eye on in 2016’ article. There have been various closed Alpha’s and Beta’s over the last few months, but now it is finally out and over the weekend I got to spend a bit of time on it.
Firstly it’s hard not to notice how amazing it looks, everything looks so crisp.


Currently there is only one ship to choose from on your ‘run’, you then have to make it through various sectors to progress, along the way you’ll need to gather resources and upgrades whilst fighting pirates – think FTL but in 3D.

It’s a fun game, but it’s also pretty tough, I think part of the problem is that I just can’t seem to get a grasp on the controls very well at the moment. I don’t know what it is, but they just feel really odd to me – both with a controller and keyboard & mouse. I’ve messed with the sensitivity and other controls but I just can’t seem to sort it. Every little movement I do is way over the top so when I’m trying to aim my ship is just swinging around all over the place. I have to assume that it’s just me at this point, because I haven’t seen any one else talking about it and I’m obviously new to it.

For a game that’s in Early Access it’s actually very well polished. It runs well and performs well.

I’m looking forward to playing some more and making some better progress as my first taste of Everspace has been good!

The game also has a camera mode of sorts so I’ve been playing around with that a bit, here are some of my best shots.


I probably shouldn’t have shot this…




Moments before I blew up


My damaged ship

Rocket League

I’ve also hit Rocket League pretty hard this weekend. Me and a couple of others have gone on a mad winning streak and it’s been great fun. I’ve always been around the Challenger 1 mark in competitive. I’m ok at the game – sometimes I do great things, sometimes I whiff everything. But for some reason, this weekend, we were all just on it and I managed to go from Challenger 1 to Challenger 3 division 5, which is one away from Challenger Elite. Now, this might not seem impressive to some of you, but this actually puts me higher rank than my friends – something that has never happened. Unfortunately that Challenger Elite rank has alluded me so far with me yo-yoing up and down the divisions in Challenger 3. There is still time though!


Challenger Elite is my goal!

We’ve also been trying to get some cool drops from crates, but other than a few decals I’ve not had much luck so far… They seem pretty rare.

Rocket League has to be some of the best value for money, it’s such a fun game and I can see myself continuing to play it for many more months.


I’ve already talked about the return of Destiny with Rise of Iron dropping later this week. I detailed all the new stuff in this post! Over the weekend I jumped back on it for a little practice for when it comes out.

I mostly played multiplayer and it took me a game or two to warm back up to it – I’ve been away for probably 3 months. But it didn’t take long for the head shots to start landing.


We’re almost there!

It was enough to get me back in the mood for Destiny and get me excited for Rise of Iron this week. You can fully expect next weeks Geekly Review to feature a fair bit of it!


I play a lot of Overwatch and I’ve recorded hours of footage. I took some time last week to go through it and put together a little montage of some plays I’ve done just for fun!

Cortex Competition

Finally we have the pleasure of revealing our winner of the Cortex giveaway!

Thank you to all that entered, unfortunately there can only be one winner and that person is RoboticMonk3y – Congratulations! We will get in touch with you to arrange for delivery of the game!



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