Shoot Talk #3

This week we’re guessing results for the first RAW exclusive PPV since the brand split and got a good look at the new Cruiser division on RAW. We’re also incredibly hyped because this Sunday we’re all off PROGRESS Chapter 36: We’re gonna need a bigger room…Again.

Cruiserweights Make Raw Debut

This past Monday on RAW the WWE Universe got their first glimpse at 4 of the cruiserweights that dazzled the Full Sail crowd during the CWC. Oddly enough the inaugural Cruiserweight Champion TJ Perkins wasn’t on the show. What we got was an awkward introduction by Mick Foley as he bumbled and stuttered his way through introducing 4 competitors in Grand Metalik, Rich Swann, Cedric Alexander and Brian Kendrick.

The match was on just before the main event of RAW in hour 3, and this RAW in particular wasn’t quite high standards so you could be understanding if the crowd weren’t all that awake. Fortunately the Cruisers woke the crowd up with their brilliant display. All 4 competitors showcased their-selves well on the big stage. The eventual winner Brian Kendrick earning a shot at TJ Perkins at Clash of Champions PPV for the Cruiserweight Championship. A Smart choice for sure given his experience. It was a great choice of the talent available to debut on the main show as these 4 were definitely highlights of the CWC from the Network.

I also really liked that RAW made a big deal of it and changed the titantron colours purple to match that of the CWC. It felt like they really went out of their way to make this segment it’s own individual part of the show changing the lighting, digital ring apron and logo all to purple.

An interesting point though is it that on Main Event before Smackdown Swann and Lince Dorado had a match, so the Cruisers are being utilized on other shows too.


Double Count Out Ending on RAW & Steel Cage Result

So the opening match of RAW featured Seth Rollins vs Rusev because… reasons. But I’m not going to talk about the weird bookings of RAW, but just to point out that it was a smart decision to have this match end in a double count out so neither of the combatants took a win or loss. This was the go home show for Clash of Champions and both Rollins and Rusev are involved in title matches at the PPV. You wouldn’t want a champion or challenger for a major title at the next PPV heading there on the back of a loss. That said I have no idea why Owens who is the brands major champion is heading to the PPV on a loss. A completely weird decision that one. But I am enjoying the combination of the brands major and minor titles combining into main event story arcs. It’s good for the minor title and is ensuring Rusev climbs his way up the roster as one of the major players on RAW.

John Cena – Clean Loss on Smackdown in 2016

Yup, you read that correctly. The mighty have fallen, and fallen to the lunatic fringe no less. John Cena experienced his first CLEAN loss on either RAW or Smackdown in 7 YEARS. The last person to get this honour was Triple H in 2009. It was a bizarre moment which added another plus point to the already exciting Smackdown brand. Nice to add some legitimacy to Dean Ambrose as a genuine main player for Smackdown. He was chosen as Smackdown’s number one pick. Things like this will help keep him in the main event scene for brand blue.


PROGRESS Wrestling – Chapter 36: We’re Gonna need a bigger room…Again

Hype Hype Hype, PROGRESS biggest show yet is taking place on Sunday 25th in Brixton Academy and we’re going to be there! Marty Scrull, Tommy End and Mark Haskins triple threat for the main event. Zack Sabre Jr vs Tomasso Ciampa in a 2 out of 3 falls match. Jack Gallagher, Mark Andrews, Eddie Dennis. Cannot wait for this.


Book It Vince

And following PROGRESS Chapter 36, we’ve got WWE Clash of Champions. As per Shoot Talk #1 we’re predicting our results and I’ll be updating the scorecard at the end of the PPV, with updated results in Shoot Talk #4. If you needed a reminder here are the scores from PPV 1 Backlash.


And here’s the predictions for Clash of Champions.


So we’re all pretty certain that TJ, Cesaro and Owens are winning. Interestingly we’re all certain that Sasha will be the new WWE RAW Women’s Champion at the end of the PPV. Matt and Mike think that New Day’s time is up as our W…W…E… RAW…. Tag…Team… Champions, But I’m not so sure we’ll see 3 title changes on the show. They also both see Rusev retaining the US citing their reason that they don’t believe Reigns will be away from the main event that long. But I’m going for Reigns winning as I don’t necessarily believe that being the United States Champion keeps you from the main event scene as has been evident on the past 2 weeks of RAW and on Smackdown with their mid-card title the Intercontinental Championship.

Anyways, onto the weekend and onto PROGRESS this Sunday, WOOOO!



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