Geekly Review #152

It’s officially October now, which means we can start to get more excited about Christmas – yes, we’re those people. It also means we’re heading in to the months of games…. Let’s kick things off with a good one!

Planet Coaster

The Roller Coaster Tycoon games – specifically 1 & 2, are probably some of my favourite games. I used to love playing them for hours upon hours. I actually remember when I first got RCT I installed it before I had to go to school and played it for about 20 minutes. I don’t know why I can always remember that, but I can… I was just desperate to play it I guess.

Well let’s fast forward 15 years and are coming up to the full release of quite possibly the king of Theme Park building games – Planet Coaster!

Currently in Alpha 3, I’ve been lucky enough to get in on the action with Planet Coaster. I’ve been following its development and progress for a while – that is to say, I’ve been looking at the awesome creations people have been making on the sub reddit.

Ok, so Planet Coaster I way more in depth than any other Coaster game I’ve played – I knew this coming in. This can make it a little daunting getting started because you really can create almost anything. My first park was merely an experiment, getting used to the controls and getting used to building stuff. It was a bit of a mess in places, but it was still good practice.


My ‘test’ park


This building took a long time to make…

Once I felt a bit more comfortable with things I decided to start again and wanted to building some Pirate themed rides and attractions. There are already a lot of Pirate themed assets in the game so you can get pretty creative with it all right now which is good!

After a couple of hours work, this was my Pirate area.



Anyone who has played a lot of Planet Coaster will probably be laughing at my creation, but I’m pretty happy with it. Almost everything there – apart from the shops, has been custom made and put together by me.

I’ve only played for a handful of hours but I can already see that Planet Coaster is going to be an amazing game when it’s finished.

The full game releases 17th November.


Last week I got around to putting my thoughts together on EVERSPACE. It’s already a great game and I can’t wait for more. Check you my full thoughts here.


We also posted our latest board game review, Carcassonne, the classic tile placement game. Read the review here.



I love October. In fact I love September too. The moment August ends I write summer off there and then and am in autumn and winter mode. October though Is when I really start to get excited because Halloween things are on sale like Halloween ales and such. The dark nights arrive quicker, the leaves are falling from the trees leaving them bare and It’s also a good kick off for Christmas season.

So with the darker evenings drawing in, and the month of October known for Halloween I’ve taken up a challenge I see yearly across various message boards to watch 31 horror films in 31 days. Bonus if you manage to play scary games in the month too. While it’s only 3 days into October I’m 4 films down.

So far Paranormal Activity 1, Paranormal Activity 2, Paranormal Activity 3 and Day of the Dead have been tackled. The Paranormal Activity series is one that seems to be dragged on a little too far now. The original one was really unique and had subtle scary moments that left their mark on you once the film was finished such as the doors opening and such. If of course had it’s flat out scary moments such as being dragged from bed and into the hallway and such. The 2nd one didn’t really make me jump as munch, but the final moments in the basement did induce quite alot of sweaty tension. And the 3rd one was better than the 2nd, but still not quite as good as the original. The introduction of the camera on a swivel changing the view added a new atmosphere to the film series as you could just expect to see the camera move to the left of the room, then back to the right and a face being right there for the shock scare.

There’s plenty more on the agenda such as the Child’s Play series, Alien series, Grudge, Scream series and The Ring.


The Final Station

Quite a fitting game considering my aim of 31 days of horror. The Final Station has been out since the start of September. I’ve been juggling playing this along with This War of Mine: The Little ones and Uncharted 4. So far I can say that this game starts off pretty tough. It’s an odd premise where you travel from train station to station as a zombie apocalypse happens around you. Each station you need to get a key code to enable your train to progress to the next station, but unfortunately it’s not that simple as you need to collect the key from some point in the town of each station. As these are overridden with zombies it proves to be quite tough.

I’ll be doing a more in depth write up of it soon, but for now I can say I’m enjoying it, but it’s certainly not the easiest of games.



– Murr

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