Shoot Talk #5

One week after getting our Clash of Champions results, we’re on the eve of the next brand exclusive PPV with Smackdown Live’s No Mercy. So we’ve got the go home show fallout from Smackdown and some deja vu on RAW. Also TNA has been in and out of the wrestling world for a few weeks now with will they be bought or won’t they? Welcome to Shoot Talk #5.

Sami Who?

Poor Sami Zayn. He comes to NXT, wins the title and then is the record holder for the shortest reign of the NXT title and loses it to Kevin Owens.

He gets a shot on the main roster accepting John Cena’s US Open Challenge in January 2015 and is injured and sidelined for a year. Who should follow a few months later to the main roster?… Kevin Owens and makes a dramatic impact by beating John Cena clean at a PPV.

It seems that the rivalry between these 2 friends really has been going since they both set foot in WWE each trying to outdo one another in WWE. Zayn got retribution at Royal Rumble 2016 eliminating Owens. But since then Owens has gone and held the IC Championship twice and is now RAW’s top dog holding the Universal Championship. Zayn has been subject to a few opportunities to get that title shot but really does play to his name of the underdog from the underground and doesn’t seem to be catching a break for any sort of title run. And just at the last PPV he was in a match with Chris Jericho and took the loss which to me looked likely to set up a feud with Y2J for at least one more PPV, but it appears that’s forgotten and Zayn found himself in action against Titus O’Neill on the most recent episode of RAW.

Completely irrelevant match against Titus O’Neill with no consequences or progression to any rivalry or storyline. Just what are WWE going to do with Zayn? It reminds me of how they treated Neville who on NXT was a star, but on the main roster is subjective to wearing a cape. Zayn, Cesaro and Neville could certainly do with a brand switch to Smackdown who somehow manage to keep the majority of their roster relevant in different arks even if they aren’t for any title, they’ll still feature on the show weekly in relevant story building roles rather than randomly booked matches.


Braun Strowman ready for none jobbers?

On the latest episode of RAW, Braun called Foley out and suggested is that all they’ve got for him? Jobber after jobber (who seemingly go over with the fans more than Braun does each week). Braun has beat Sin Cara on 2 occasions but is it time now for him to squash other superstars of Sin Cara’s level that are on the RAW brand rather than unknowns each week? Curtis Axel, Jinder Mahal, Goldust, R-Truth and sad to say it Neville could all be fed to Braun weekly to bump his resume of victories. It could help in giving Braun more credibility and as everyone that Braun faces seems to get the backing of the fans, it could also help those guys who are facing Braun in getting some momentum and fan backing. Neville just barely losing to Braun getting the crowd behind him? The bullying angle that Baron Corbin had on Smackdown could be an angle for Braun on RAW? Backstage attacks on people because why the fuck not? Anything other than jobber matches for him now surely?

Sasha Banks regains WWE RAW Woman’s Championship

I’m happy with this result, but at the same time questioning why this needed to be another RAW win for Sasha and not held out for Hell in a Cell? However it was awesome that these woman once again had the main event slot for RAW for this title change. Just goes to show that had Sasha not been an injury scare after her first title win on RAW, that she would have probably been meant to successfully defend the title at Summerslam and still be champion now. There’s something on the cards for her obviously hence the switch in giving her the title again.

Smackdown Live all about the promos

It’s becoming a frequent talking point, and imagine that’ll continue to be the case for weeks going forward, but Smackdown once again did a fantastic job in hyping up 2 of it’s biggest matches from the No Mercy PPV with Miz TV mocking Dolph Ziggler and the 3 men involved for the WWE Championship each having a moment at the end of Smackdown standing tall as the main man. Seeing it end with Ambrose holding the belt does add a level on intrigue as I was (and still am) certain AJ is winning and retaining, but that final scene does play on your thoughts a little bit. And Miz & Zigglers recent feud has been one of the highlights of WWE this year. Ziggler declaring he’s not done yet again throws spanners into the works with regards for predictions.


Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic

We’re starting the 2nd Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic on NXT. This time there are plenty of teams that seemingly were put together just for this. There are of course legitimate tag teams in it too. We’ve decided to give it a go predicting the eventual winners of this tournament. I’m thinking that DIY (Gargano and Ciampa) are going to be the eventual winners of this tournament. It seems WWE are pretty high on them both currently. They had a standout match at CWC which I’m sure must have caught the attention of the backstage. And they’re tag match at NXT Takeover Brooklyn 2 was again an absolute standout show stealer. Fans are hyped for them both and they’re both considerably over. While they are actually dubbed as a legitimate tag team now, they’re previous appearances on NXT had them dubbed as makeshift tag team. Last year a makeshift tag team featuring 2 pretty over and seemingly popular backstage wrestlers won the inaugural classic with Samoa Joe and Finn Balor. That’s why I think DIY will go on and do it.

Mike’s gone with The Revival and Matt’s gone with Ibushi & Itami.


This Is PROGRESS – The Documentary

A bit of awesome news from PROGRESS is that they’re having a documentary made about them. Elixir Media have released a teaser for it and it looks pretty incredible already. Check out the teaser.

Get Well Soon Jamie Noble & Alberto El Patron

A quick message of support for Jamie Noble and Alberto El Patron who where both victims of separate knife attack incidents within the last week. They’ve both since added pictures of their scars from the attacks to social media and are pretty easy to find so I’ll let you hunt them down. Jamie Noble suffered a collapsed lung after the incident involving him, while El Patron showed off horrible scars on his arm and head. Best wishes to both of them.

Book It Vince

And as we’re heading into another PPV, here are our predictions for WWE No Mercy. It’s one that Mike really needs to score perfectly on to get back in the hunt. I’m a little torn between the Tag titles and the IC title. Is Ziggler really going to leave? The IC belt should stay on The Miz, and the heat he would generate by effectively retiring Ziggler would be incredible. And the Tag titles while it was a fairytale come true putting them on Heath and Rhyno. Now Heath’s got his contract are they ready to put these belts on a proper legitimate tag team? The Uso’s turn of late has been brilliant for them. And them as heel champions writes itself for the face team of American Alpha to win the belts eventually at a future PPV.

Cena is not winning title number 16 at this PPV. It’s not big enough. I don’t doubt he’ll get it, but it won’t be at No Mercy. Royal Rumble, Wrestlemania, Summerslam sure… but not No Mercy. And I see AJ retaining and a new feud with Orton on the cards for the WWE Championship.

Matt calls a good prediction on the IC title match that Dolph Ziggler will win the match therefore ensuring his WWE career lives on, but it’ll be via DQ resulting in Miz retaining his IC title. It’s a good shout.

Mikes matched my predictions like for like, so shouldn’t see that many dramatic changes in the standings come the end of No Mercy.


And just a reminder of the current standings again.




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