Geekly Review #153

The weeks are well and truly flying by, also we’re approaching our 3rd birthday, how cool is that!

Planet Coaster

This weekend was the Planet Coaster Big Alpha 3. Essentially it was just a chance for people who’d purchased the Thrill Seeker Edition of the game to get to play the game. I was lucky enough to get given the chance to try it out – as seen last week. I spent a bit more time playing it this weekend too.


I have to say that I’m very impressed with the game. I kind of knew it was going to be good anyway, but I does feel better than I thought it would, especially seeing as the game isn’t actually finished yet. I decided to continue on with my Pirate themed park and built a few more Coasters in it. It’s pretty astounding the level of detail you can go in to when making props or decorations for rides and attractions. I’m very much still a noob at creating things, but I can still find myself spending an hour making a building or placing props for rides just to add that extra level of detail to it.



I also started up a new Let’s Play series on my YouTube channel this weekend for a game called Duskers. I’ve actually had the game for a little while and only really played it sporadically until now. It’s essentially a, survival horror, rogue like, strategy game. You have to control drones around derelict space ships searching for scraps and other items to help you survive and uncover what has happened to everyone, because it seems like they’re all gone. It’s got a really nice retro Sci fi feel to it with some pretty basic graphics and you kind of control most of it via text. It sounds a bit odd, but it’s really good and really immersive too.



31 days of horror continues. I’m going to admit though I was slightly derailed due to Luke Cage binge this weekend. But I did rack up 3 more films. Child’s Play, Would you rather? and Poltergeist (the remake).

Child’s Play is the first of the Chucky series. While it’s not an all time classic, I love this franchise. Not particularly scary in terms of today’s films, and the later films in the series are more comedy than horror, but still possessed killer doll is definitely horror.

This was the first time I watched the Poltergeist remake. It started off reasonably scary. As is always the case a loft is scary and children talking to ‘their-selves’ in a new house is always going to make a bit of suspense. A possessed clown trying to beat up a child was something that can cause a nightmare or two too. However mid point in this film it became less scary. It definitely had it’s moments in the beginning stages though causing some tense moments.

Plenty more to plow through for the remainder of the month.


Uncharted 4

I bought this game with birthday money at the end of August, but haven’t really spent a dedicated amount of time playing it as other games I’d purchased such as Just Cause 3 and This War of Mine took my attention first.

Well I’m now finally dedicating my gaming time to Uncharted 4 (until tomorrow anyway as WWE2K17 releases). I’m on chapter 8 and have just done the search for Avery’s grave in the cemetery in Scotland. The game is stupidly good looking. Not since Uncharted or DriveClub have I been as impressed with a game on PS4. The tall grass and sneaking through it seeing the foliage move as you move through it looks great. And the character models even in play are impressive. The level where you’re in the auction with Sulley and Sam has been a highlight for me both in terms of fun level to play and visually. Then of course the Scotland cemetery level has been incredible. I’m informed the game gets better and better, so I’m greatly anticipating progressing further into the game.


Luke Cage

This weekend I managed to find a lot of spare time when not playing Uncharted 4, so finally made a start on Netflix latest Marvel show Luke Cage. I absolutely loved DareDevil (who didn’t). And enjoyed Jessica Jones from about the midpoint of the season onwards as things really kicked off from there. However Luke Cage I’m really struggling with it. There have been major plot points happen in these first 9 episodes that I’ve watched of course. Events that are detrimental to the story are happening in most episodes. But It’s just not gripping me as much as the previous Marvel Netflix shows. Seems a lot slower to kick off to me. And even though these large story plots are happening they don’t feel as earth shattering as perhaps they should. Not to me at least. With only 4 episodes left for me I’m hoping things heat up a bit, cause as it is at the moment It’s feeling a bit of a chore to watch.

I am enjoying that this series seems to throw alot more Cinematic universe Easter eggs, and also seems to drop alot more nods to the previous shows. But with regards to the actual story taking place this season I’m really not all that interested in it. I don’t know why? I enjoy gangster films and shows, and this very much seems to fit that category. Corruption across police and politicians, gangsters owning a city, It’s all very much me, but doesn’t seem to be doing anything for me in this series.


Iron Fist Trailer & Defenders Villain Cast

Sticking with the Netflix Marvel shows, at NYCC Marvel showed a trailer for the next series coming to Netflix. IronFist.

As well as the trailer, the Defenders were all present on stage for the first time and partook in a group selfie. We also got confirmation of casting for the Defenders enemy. Sigourney Weaver will be the enemy that the Defenders have to tackle. Yet to be confirmed who she’ll be playing though.


Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales

The sound of Disney printing more money could also be heard over the last week. As well as more Marvel news from NYCC, Disney also dropped the first teaser trailer for the 5th installment of the Pirates franchise, Dead Men Tell No Tales. Stop it Disney, just stop it, you’re going to bankrupt the world at this rate with all these dead set money making properties.

– Murr

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