Geekly Review #154

Time for another Geekly Review after a lot of Geeky goings on!


Early last week we finally got to play on the latest ‘Holiday Event’ for Overwatch – Halloween. The update features a re-imagined Hollywood level, now very much Halloween themed, new skins and other items and a PVE event called Junkensteins revenge.

In Junkensteins revenge you have a team of 4 face off against waves of enemies and bosses to prevent them from breaking through the door to Castle Eichenwald. It’s a fairly simple mode and you’re only allowed to pick either Ana, Hanzo, Solider 76 and McCree – if you could pick someone like Bastion it would be way to easy. It’s enjoyable and offer various difficulties to give you a bit of a challenge if you want it. I’d like to see this kind of thing pop up a bit more or even become a permanent feature. The main reason I’ve been playing this week is because of the skins, I’ve been trying to unlock all, or most of the Halloween skins as they look really, really good! I’ve done ok so far and have unlocked Reinhardt, Ana and Mercy along with a few other Halloween themed things like voice lines and victory poses.


I think this event is really good and has been a lot better than the summer games and now I’m just getting excited by the prospect of a Christmas event, because we all know Christmas is the best holiday!

Saldy no Sombra just yet, but if the rumours are to be believed then she could turn up this week!


I also spent time playing Destiny on Friday night at my friends house. We hit the Archons Forge pretty hard and played it for a solid few hours I think. Archons Forge is the co-op arena that has you using items called SIVA Offerings to trigger a Horde like mode where you have to defeat enemies in a time limit to then trigger a boss fight. It’s a good way to earn loot and if you can get a few people in – we had 4, us 2 and 2 randoms, then it can be fairly straight forward. To help you along you get to use the Iron flaming axe weapon, it kind of makes it a bit too easy on the lower levels as it can take out the bosses before they even have time to actually get in the fight properly. Plus, with multiple people playing there are always Orbs dropping to charge your super up, so you basically all become machines of pure destruction and nothing can really stand in your way.

We were earning so much loot that both our inventories were completely full and the post master – where ‘missed loot’ goes, was also full. Sure most of the loot was a lower level than me but I still managed to bump my light level up a bit more, so I’m making some slow and steady progress.


Much loot, many orbs, Wow!

It’s pretty amazing to think that I’ve now been playing Destiny for over 2 years and I’m still enjoying the hell out of it. I’ve criticised it a lot in the past, but it’s turned in to a great game and I can’t wait to see what is in store for Destiny 2.


I had a free weekend as my girlfriend was away, naturally I organised a day of geeking out. Murr and a couple of others came over to play boardgames. We rattled through a few new ones that we will be reviewing soon. T.I.M.E Stories was one of those and I have to say that it is probably one of my favourite board gaming experiences I’ve had. We played the Asylum case and it was great. It’s a tough game to really talk about because you can’t spoil anything, but just know that it was awesome and I wish I could erase my memory of that play through just so I could enjoy it again.


Boardgames Indeed

As Will mentioned we had a great board game session on Saturday that spanned from 11am till 11pm with about 1 hour pizza break. We played the incredible T.I.M.E stories which really left a great impression with me and the outstanding Escape from Colditz which will be due for release in 3 days time. This took us 4 hours to complete but was just brilliant. We’ve got reviews coming for both soon, Colditz review to be dropped out a little later.

WWE2k17 – 3 GM’s & 3 Brands – The Draft

So WWE2k17 has been out for a week now. The biggest and best news to come from the new version is that there is the ability to save 3 universe modes for the first time rather than just one. With that confirmed myself and the fellow wrestling predictors Mike and Matt have each randomly selected a brand and then partook in a grueling draft process spread across 2 evenings to compete and ensure our brands are the best each week.

The draft itself was absolutely great fun with plenty of unexpected picks going across Smackdown, Raw and NXT. The first draft pick was the superstars currently on the game from the active roster and legends. Our 2nd draft that took place Friday night was for future CAW’s that i’m sure we’ll see and more legends. And just as the night ticked away we made a start to our shows creating story lines to all crown our first show champions at the first PPV. Matt going gung ho and creating a cage match on Raw featuring Paige and Sasha banks, Mike building up a rivalry with Razor Ramone and Mr Perfect and I’m utilizing my whole male roster in a tournament for the WWE World Championship with surprise results seeing Fandango beating Seth Rollins to progress to the next round (thanks a bunch simulated results).

It’s been great fun so far though.


Rockstar Teasing Something

And more awesome news from nothing. Rockstar have changed their website and social media pages to a red background with their logo on it. It’s incredibly vague, but Rockstar wouldn’t do it any other way. This alone had induced incredible hype with the belief that Red Dead sequel is due to be shown soon. Here’s hoping.


So, possibly Red Dead being shown before the end of 2016. One GIF sums this news announcement up.


– Murr

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