Shoot Talk #7

This week we get a week off for predicting PPV results, but we’ve been really involved in our draft and universe mode in WWE2k17. It’s a new addiction creating story lines for our roster. Some are taking it a little more seriously than others.


Goldberg’s Return

To be honest I wasn’t expecting much from this. The possibility of Goldberg vs Lesnar II hasn’t really set the world on fire based on their first at Wrestlemania XX. As I mentioned in last weeks Shoot Talk, I’ve not got any issues with Goldberg back against Lesnar as their feud is some sort of legend bubble that does not effect the active roster and impeach to any of their progression or rankings for titles. That’s fine. When the moment happened on RAW and his return happened It was actually pretty damn incredible. The crowd were immense and showed great appreciation and respect for the WCW legend. This alone surprised me as I hadn’t really thought it’d go over as well as this. Then his promo was actually pretty damn incredible and hit all the right notes. You could see he was pretty overwhelmed by his reception from the crowd. It must have been a great feeling for him. It was also a great bit of advertising for the upcoming match against Lesnar showcasing the Good vs the Bad of WWE. Goldberg got more babyface and over by high fiving the crowd and acknowledging the kids showcasing the good side of the WWE. You’d never see Brock Lesnar acknowledge anyone in the crowds, not even his own family thus representing the bad of WWE.

As Goldberg goes over in a 10 minute promo, Vince must be wondering what more can he do to ever get Reigns that elevated with the crowd.


Sasha Banks vs Charlotte to main event Hell in a Cell

The upcoming Hell in a Cell PPV is going to be a historic one. It already made history with the announcement that the Woman’s Championship will be defended in a Hell in a Cell match. The first time women have participated in this type of match. To further break grounds on a historical element, that match will be the main event of the PPV. Now while this is long long overdue and it’s a great step for women’s wrestling It feels like this is only really main eventing the show based on the gimmick match that it is. A Hell in a Cell match. Would Sasha vs Charlotte be main eventing the PPV if it were a none gimmick match. Hopefully one day the answer will be yes. What I’d give to see the fatal 4 way from NXT featuring Becky, Bayley, Sasha and Charlotte again on a PPV. The women’s division is the strongest it’s been for some time currently, especially over on the blue brand Smackdown Live where they’re utilizing the limited roster they have there magnificently ensuring the women are all involved in some feud or story somewhere. It’s should come as no surprise to see women’s wrestling main event future PPVs and not in gimmick matches. Let’s hope it happens sooner rather than later to keep this women’s wrestling “revolution” momentum rolling.

An over night success

Since the brand split after Money in the bank, Smackdown Live has done an incredible job ensuring their roster gets some spotlight (apart from Apollo Crews, Poor poor Crews). Heath Slater and Rhyno became relevant in 2016 and hold major titles in WWE. While not incredible pushes Swagger and Corbin have successfully feuded and made a PPV appearance. The trend continued as Smackdown Live managed to elevate a ‘Jobber’ from RAW to superstardom. James Ellsworth was squashed by Braun Strowman in minutes weeks ago on RAW. He’s since featured on Talking Smack, has 2 victories to his name over the WWE Champion and now has his own T-Shirt on the WWE Shop. Let it be known that Ellsworth has more victories and a better record in the WWE than Sting does. He also boasts a better record over AJ Styles than John Cena.

And just watch this –


Tyler Breeze found his Dango

Smackdown Live has some pretty decent tag team division. But one tag team that kind of went missing after the split was BreezDango. In this crazy year of wrestling which has seen Nakamura and AJ Styles crowned Champions in WWE and the return of many wrestlers such as Goldberg and the Headbangers why couldn’t BreezDango go over.

The latest video shows more of the saga of Breeze looking for his buddy Fandango. It’s a short video, but I hope WWE have plans for these guys now as I admit I do find them both highly entertaining, and have alot of respect for them for sticking with these gimmicks and doing their best to make them work.

– Murr



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