Shoot Talk #8

This week I’ve been a bit of a terrible wrestling fan and haven’t actually watched RAW or Smackdown. I’ve taken a gander at the results, and am looking forward to the next RAW PPV Hell in a Cell, but just haven’t found the time in the evenings to watch the go home show from RAW. I’ve seen a few highlights from both though.

Bayley vs Dana

So in Shoot Talk #6 I touched up on the beginning of the Dana and Bayley feud and figured it could actually be a decent feud for the both of them to develop more. They can help each other to progress on the main roster while the main title picture is still taken by the likes of Charlotte and Sasha. What I didn’t anticipate is that this feud would culminate on the go home show before a PPV with a stupid arm wrestling competition that no one cared about. Bayley had such a huge aura about in her in NXT and her debut on the main roster was greeted to mass enthusiasm. But the magic seems to be getting lost on the main roster much like a few NXT graduates have suffered. Dana Brooke was also someone I genuinely enjoyed watching on NXT. Her smug, arrogant bully persona on NXT went well. She was built up as a credible heel and was in the right place to improve her in ring ability. Now she’s been playing a cheerleader for Charlotte. It’s not her character at all. Here’s hoping that WWE can get the magic back for both these women in the main roster. Mistake number one was putting Bayley on RAW where you can’t really see past Charlotte or Sasha for the woman’s championship.

How not to book your heel in a mega heel vs face clash

Last week Goldberg returned to WWE to a surprisingly positive reaction. He got a great crowd reaction and solidified himself as the hero in this goody vs baddy feud of Goldberg vs Lesnar. He called Lesnar out and this past RAW Lesnar had Heyman responded. The problem was they responded in Brock’s home town. He got a hero’s welcome and a better reception than Goldberg did last week. The fans ate it up and were chanting Suplex City constantly. The chants of Goldberg sucks soon followed. All this resulted in Heyman delivering one of his worst promos which is something Heyman rarely does. He picked up on the minute positive chants for Goldberg and tore those members of the crowd down, but it didn’t come across very well as there was not alot to work with. The crowd for the most part were completely behind Brock Lesnar. It’s been confirmed now that they’ll clash at Survivor Series. I’m still okay with this.

Randy Orton is a Wyatt


If you can’t beat them, join them. Okay sure. I’m a little lost for things to say about this in honesty. ‘Side eyeing Chloe’ above pretty much captures the face I had when I read Orton’s a Wyatt. Smackdown Live has been for the most part decent with it’s feuds and storylines, so I have faith that it’ll end up worth while and entertaining. I guess a plus point about this is, it once again demonstrates that Smackdown Live can find something for everyone on their roster as it keeps the Wyatt’s, Orton and Kane wrapped in a feud for a while. It might not be the most entertaining feud on Smackdown, but it’s still keeping the roster active. Well done… I think?

Pro Wrestling Chaos – All or Nothing

PWC are blessing Yate Leisure centre with their presence again, and bringing former WWE stars Hardcore Holly and Adam Rose with them. They’ve had some great talent appear on their shows including Will Ospreay, Tomasso Ciampa and Gargano all under supervision of Chaos GM Jimmy Havoc. I’ve got a front row ticket for this show and really looking forward to the weekend. For further info head to their site.


Book it Vince

It feels so long since we had a PPV, we’ve been spoilt since the brand split to one every 2 weeks, so this stretch was tough. We’ve got our predictions ready for Hell in a Cell. We all did terribly at No Mercy all only scoring 3 points. No one pulled away or caught up in that respect. Here’s a re-cap of the scores.


And here’s how we’re predicting Hell in a Cell.





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