Shoot Talk #9

So we’re back with another Shoot Talk. We’ve had a PPV in Hell in a Cell and while we’re featuring the results from that PPV, there isn’t any talking points this week about it. Sorry. Instead we’ve got a focus on WWE’s newest show about the Cruisers ‘205 Live’, Bryan and Miz feud and Survivor Series outcome possibilities. Also shameless plug, but I met Jimmy Havoc and got a picture with him last week! Woo! Welcome to Shoot Talk #9.


205 Live

The WWE Cruiserweights have been featuring on RAW for a while now since the finale of the Cruiser Weight Classic. Despite their best efforts though and some high flying matches, the division hasn’t clicked on RAW as well as most would have thought and it doesn’t seem to have the same fan appreciation that the CWC did at Full Sail.

In what I assume is an attempt to further the popularity of the Cruiser weights and distinguish them more than the rest of the roster, WWE are launching a new show on November 29th exclusively on the network called “205 Live”.

It’ll air right after Smackdown Live therefore bumping Talking Smack back an hour which is a bit of an odd decision. The superstars participating in the show will be 205 pounds and under.

It’s a really strange call. While I’m anticipating this as I was a fan of the CWC, if this means they’ll be pulling the cruisers from RAW altogether than I see that as a bad call. While they may not be incredibly popular on RAW just yet, you don’t just want to pull off from there and kill even the smallest amount of hype they’d generated there.

Certain individuals like Swann and Cedric are actually getting good reactions from RAW Crowds, it’s just taking a little time for the others which I assume WWE want us to support such as Kendrick and TJP to get any fan reaction. Pulling them off RAW certainly is not going to help this.

And having them perform in front of a Smackdown Live crowd after Smackdown ends could possibly result in worse crowd reactions than they get on RAW. Will people be wanting to stay for that 3rd hour after Smackdown exclusively for the cruiserweights? While I’d assume a lot will, I just don’t know how well it’ll do. I hope I’m wrong as I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the cruiserweights and want nothing more than positive reactions for Jack Gallagher, Akira Tozawa and the like when they finally debut.

The Miz vs Daniel Bryan

Another episode of Smackdown Live and another build in the ongoing feud of Daniel Bryan vs The Miz. What are WWE up to here? Everything points to an eventual reaction from Bryan to shut the Miz up. But Bryan is not cleared to wrestle, and WWE surely aren’t stupid enough to let him have a one off match against The Miz to bury this constant bickering. But the constant heat between the two of them is certainly showing no signs of stopping and it feels like something is going to boil over to the point of Bryan snapping and getting physical with The Miz.

Perhaps Bryan will call someone in to handle The Miz for him? But then should Bryan’s wrestler of choice beat The Miz, it gives him more ammo to torment Bryan that he couldn’t do the job himself and needed someone else to do it for him.

I could of course be looking into this far too much and nothing will ever develop from this, but it seems like there is too much noticeable heat weekly on Smackdown between the 2 of them for it to end with nothing.

The Miz, Dolph Ziggler & The IC Championship

Speaking of The Miz, what’s next for him? The build-up for Survivor Series is well under way now and we have a roster for Team Smackdown and Team RAW confirmed effectively. The Miz is not part of team Smackdown. He’s not got a tag team partner so won’t be in the Tag match and certainly isn’t a woman.

He doesn’t appear to be involved in the IC title again now as Ziggler has issued an open challenge to RAW to compete against him for the title. So where will The Miz be featuring now after a simply put sensational 2016 which has genuinely seen him become one of the MVP’s of the roster with his IC run. I’d have no qualms with him getting the next step to the WWE Championship picture. AJ Styles and Ambrose are the 2 guys of Smackdown, but they can’t repeat main event after main event at future PPV’s. And John Cena appears to be dropping his WWE appearances to the main 4 PPV’s now, So Smackdown will need more main event title guys. 2016 I feel has been a brilliant year of Miz showcasing his credibility as a title holder. He can garner heel heat, he can cut incredible promos and can give matches a big match feel.

As for Ziggler, here’s hoping that he can continue to push the IC title in the right direction and build upon the work that The Miz did. The open challenge to RAW is a great idea, and maybe he can carry that on back on Smackdown letting the roster challenge him weekly. I wouldn’t begrudge seeing him defend the IC title weekly against the likes of Harper, Bray, an Uso, an American Alpha even Fandango. It’ll help all involved. Make Ziggler look good by taking on any challenger, it’ll keep the IC belt in the limelight and give the roster a decent match a week to get themselves shown again. Come to think of it, I’d have no issues seeing a Fandango or Tyler Breese IC attempt at all.

Survivor Series

Still unsure how the rules are working on this, but the winning brand of Survivor series will gain 3 new roster members.

First thing first, surely there is no way RAW wins this. They don’t need 3 more roster members at all, it’s gotta be Smackdown that gains these 3 roster spots. But I’m unsure of how or where they get them from. Are they 3 drafts from NXT? With the rumour of Barrett coming back does he count as one of the roster picks? Or will it be 3 picks from the other brand? If so Smackdown Live could definitely do wonders for some of the RAW talent that is going unused. Cesaro, Neville & Zayn. Imagine them on Smackdown Live competing for titles. Here’s hoping that whatever the rules for the 3 members are, Smackdown Live attain 3 more roster members to work with as since the split they’ve done brilliantly seemingly make everyone on the roster have something to do…. Apart from Apollo Crews. We miss you!

Book It Vince!

We’ve got the results in from Hell in a Cell, some of us had a stormer, others were god damn terrible. It’s certainly made the standings interesting. We’ve had a discussion and we’re going to keep this league going till the end of Wrestlemania in 2017. From there we’ll crown the inaugural Book It Vince Champion and the slates are wiped and we’re starting again.

Here’s how our predictions went.


And here’s how we’re looking now after 4 PPVs:


It’s getting tenso!



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