One to Watch – Deep Rock Galactic


Developer/Publisher: Ghost Ship Games
Platforms: PC
System Requirements: Unknown
Release Date: 2nd Half of 2017
Price: TBC


In the far future space-mining is big business.

The corporation Deep Rock Galactic specializes in securing the most dangerous dig sites in the galaxy. When they need a team for the toughest missions, they call in the Dwarves – mercenary miners, legendary for their ability to survive underground, and infamous for their brutality in combat.

DEEP ROCK GALACTIC is a procedurally generated first person co-op shooter for up to 4 players, developed in Unreal Engine 4.

As a team of veteran dwarven space miners, you must go on missions for your corporate overlords and venture into the deepest, most dangerous cave systems of the most hostile planet ever discovered.

Experience teamwork as you’ve never experienced it in a co-op game before. Complete missions and gather ever more riches. Expand your roster of class-based skills, unlock new gear and weapons, and take on the worst monsters the galaxy has to offer.


drg-screenshot-0032_1_orig drg-screenshot-0025_1_orig drg-screenshot-0024_1_orig

Play as dwarves fighting aliens, mining riches and probably also arsing about with your friends, I’m in!

I love the look of the this game and I really can’t wait to see more of it, so far it sounds like a really promising game. You can keep your eye on it here, and you can also sign up to be part of the closed Alpha testing that’s meant to be coming some time in December! I’m keeping my fingers crossed that I get in!

I tracked down some more comments on reddit about the game from one the guys at Ghost Ship Games.

They described the gameplay as ‘Left 4 Dead meets Minecraft in an Aliens universe’ which I think sounds awesome. It’s desinged for 4 player Co-op, but can be played 1 player. There will be differnet game modes although nothing confirmed yet.

When exploring, caves won’t be lit and you’ll have to light them yourself as you progress through them often carving out your own paths with the fully destructivle environments. You can read  a little more here and here.


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  1. There is some definitely promise here. I really enjoy the co-op experiences for games like Left 4 Dead, but I’m not a true FPS fan. It’s the story and the sharing experience that truly attracts me to those types of games. That and I’ve got a hoarder mentality so gathering rare gems and minerals at the same time… sounds like a great experience. Can’t wait to learn more about the game as it develops and gets closer to launch.

    • I’m a huge fan of playing co-op and mostly play online games now. So this is right up my street. If I get access to the alpha I’ll be sharing my thoughts – providing there’s no NDA.

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