One to Watch – Deep Rock Galactic

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  1. Looks shiny! Lots of potential for this as a co-op experience.

    1. Will_GSRR says:

      For sure! I really want to see some more of it.

  2. sargondorsai says:

    There is some definitely promise here. I really enjoy the co-op experiences for games like Left 4 Dead, but I’m not a true FPS fan. It’s the story and the sharing experience that truly attracts me to those types of games. That and I’ve got a hoarder mentality so gathering rare gems and minerals at the same time… sounds like a great experience. Can’t wait to learn more about the game as it develops and gets closer to launch.

    1. Will_GSRR says:

      I’m a huge fan of playing co-op and mostly play online games now. So this is right up my street. If I get access to the alpha I’ll be sharing my thoughts – providing there’s no NDA.

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