Shoot Talk #11

Last week on Shoot Talk I very confidently attempted to predict scenarios that would take place on the go home shows for both Smackdown Live and RAW…


The Miz Regains the Intercontinental Championship

Wow, okay. I’m not mad or disappointed with this as I truly have enjoyed The Miz’s 2016 as the Intercontinental Champion. He’s injected the belt with a sense of prestige again and has brought the best out in his opponents for said title with Ziggler being the shining example. But I wouldn’t have called it. The buildup of Miz and Bryan’s dislike for each other I swear was going to culminate in Bryan packing off The Miz to RAW for Cesaro after losing his IC shot against Ziggler.

Nope, not to be the case. The Miz is for now sticking around on Smackdown as IC Champion. He’ll now be facing Zayn at Survivor Series for that belt and I’m still all okay with this. But I’ve not got that horrible horrible feeling that Zayn will win the IC title, take it back to RAW and then completely blow out my other predictions from last week and not head to Smackdown with the title, but Smackdown will only inherit the Cruiserweight Championship leaving RAW with the US, IC and Universal titles and Smackdown with the World Championship and the Cruiserweights. Surely not?

Undertaker to feature more on Smackdown Live?

The Undertaker returned on Smackdown Live’s 900th episode. But his grand entrance and reemergence to the WWE wasn’t to offer his work to Shane O Mac and participate on team blue at Survivor Series, but to more so act as a source of motivation effectively threatening them to win it or face the wrath of The Deadman.

He also mentioned he’s not defined by Wrestlemania which is the bit most people are copping on to, reading this cryptic promo as a sign that Taker will be on the road a little bit now leading up to Wrestlemania.

All of a sudden, my confidence in Team Smackdown winning is shot as I think Undertaker’s arrival could be the long run setup for his next PPV opponent. Say Team Smackdown lose now, and the person who cost Smackdown that loss, like perhaps AJ Styles will get the full brunt of a pissed off Undertaker. Which then results in Royal Rumble… or even further down the line Wrestlemania match of Undertaker vs AJ. He’s not got long left in the ring so WWE will be hot shotting The Undertaker to the next dream match up they can and AJ can work with anyone. He’d be a very safe opponent for Undertaker and still make the match look dramatic as hell, as we’ve seen in his bouts with Reigns, Cena and Ambrose of which he’s made them all look brilliant.

Roman Reigns Looked Strong…Again

RAW’s final 25 minutes were superb for generating hype for Survivor Series. I was watching it willing the week away wishing it were Monday (won’t be watching SS live due to crazy UK time and work Monday morning) so I could watch Survivor Series. The rivalry between the brands really has looked genuine with the help of Bryan and Shane on Talking Smack weekly prodding the fire. Seeing the teams face off in the ring at RAW was very much hype inducing. Each getting there little shot in the spotlight on the mic or in a squaring off situation. Bray and Braun face to face for Randy to then step in and confront Braun. Owens and Jericho picking on AJ Styles. Chris Jericho single handedly again getting the spot of the night when he noticed James Ellsworth for the first time and questioning “What the hell is that?”.

It all kicked off with Ambrose laying into Jericho. From there we got brawls all over the place and culminated with the final spots belonging to Roman Reigns and seeing the dust settle down to Roman’s music being blared out of the sound systems. *sigh*. I don’t mind really, I like Roman, I admit it was a little frustrating the months of him being the underdog and pushed to us as the babyface, but I still don’t mind the guy. But this could have ended better with Braun being the big guy clearing the ring and standing there intimidating. It’s certainly better than what did happen to him, being flung out the ring by Shane O Mac.

It’s hard to call what’ll happen at Survivor Series now based on the completely in my eyes unexpected results and situations that have arisen from the go home shows for both brands. I still cannot wait though.

Vice documentary on CZW

Not much to say on this, but VICE have created a documentary on the most violent professional wrestling organisation in the United States CZW. Dean Ambrose is one of the alumni from CZW. Check it out, but advisory it is very very graphic and contains a lot of blood.

Book It Vince

And onto our main event. Our NXT Takeover Toronto & Survivor Series Predictions. First up, here’s the scores as they stand before the PPV’s.


And here’s how we’re calling the 2 PPV’s.


For NXT Matt’s suggested that Joe will regain the NXT title, when I questioned him if he doesn’t think Joe’ll be called up to main roster after Survivor Series weekend, he suggested why can’t he go up with the NXT title? I mean I guess Owens did this before, but I can’t see it. But all NXT Takeover points go towards our tally, so i’ll take them.

As for Survivor Series, we’ve all gone with Smackdown Live coming away from as winners, despite Undertakers threat of ensuring that whoever might cost Smackdown a loss will get a stern seeing to! Additional notes are that Matt has suggested Smackdown win the tag team feud due to Cesaro turning on Team Raw. Mike has suggested that the Miz retains his title due to fuckery and that Zayn will still end up on Smackdown after somehow.

Me on the other hand? Well after last weeks predictions backfired on me so massively…




One thought on “Shoot Talk #11

  1. Great article!

    My predictions:

    Zayn, Kalisto (Trade: Makes sense and means midcard feuds on SD need to have ends, thus to give someone an edge to the main title scene)

    Tag team: SD
    Women’s: SD
    Men’s: RAW

    There’s so much at stake for SD in the other two divisions, but for the men’s, the Universal Championship needs a rub badly.

    RAW women’s is considered superior due to star power. Give SD the win for a bit of shock and Becky who is still massively a fan favourite. Also, longest reigning Divas Champion Nikki is there.

    Tag Teams of SD seem to “get along”, which is what the whole campaign of Survivor Series has been for. Heck, last RAW was 100% about that!

    Lesnar over Goldberg. Goldberg winning sorta messes up this dominant streak of Lesnars… Which might be better going to an up and comer at Wrestlemania.

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