Board Game Stocking Fillers!

Christmas is fast approaching, there is a chance you might need a few last minute presents, don’t worry we’ve got you covered with some great games that will be the perfect stocking filler! They’re all very easy to learn so you don’t have to spend hours reading and relaying the rules. They’re also all excellent for groups of people – something to keep any Christmas guests entertained! Just make sure you have enough snacks.

Disclaimer – some of the games might not actually fit in a stocking.


Players 2-8
Age 14+
Time to play 15 minutes

In Codenames two teams compete to see who can make contact with their agents first. The Spymaster gives one word clues as to the identity of the contacts, this could relate to one image or multiple; the team will then have to try and guess the correct identity, but be careful as you could uncover the enemy teams agents or the assassin!


Codenames is very easy to pick up and play, has great team play and it a lot of fun, the perfect gift for playing in the evening after a few dry Martinis, shaken not stirred – obviously!

Check out our full review of Codenames here. You can also get Codenames Pictures, which is basically the same game but with pictures instead of words.

Loony Quest

Players 2-5
Age 8+
Time to play 20 minutes

Loony Quest is a drawing game where players have to study challenge cards, then try to replicate the path needed to complete objectives for the challenge on their own tracing sheets. Once the time is up you then have to lay your tracing sheet over the challenge card to see how well you did. There are modifiers and other tricks you can play on other players to make the challenge more difficult for them – with some funny results!

Loony Quest, whilst probably more ‘one for the kids’, is a really funny game that’s still great to play with people of all ages. It’s easy to learn and has a lot of replay-ability. It will certainly keep children busy, although I doubt it will keep them quiet…

We have a full review here.

Jungle SpeedIMG_6021

Players 2 – 10
Age 7+
Time to play 15 minutes

Those with a keen eye and lightning reflexes will be the victors in Jungle Speed! Players are dealt cards and to win you must get rid of all them. Each player takes turns revealing cards from their deck and if any two cards match you must make a grab for the Totem in the middle of the playing area. If you’re quickest you can give your cards to an adversary!


Jungle Speed is a brilliant party game that can be played with a house full of people and even around the house if you want! Some people like to put the Totem somewhere else so you have to run to it – dangerous, maybe, but funny none the less.

You can read the full review for Jungle Speed here.


Players 2-8
Age 6+
Time to play 15 minutes

Dobble is a simple game to pick up; you have to find matching images on a card dealt in the middle of the play area with one of your cards – every card has at least one matching symbol. Once you spot it quickly cover the card on the table shout out the matching symbol and it’s yours! The player with the most cards at the end wins!IMG_4976With its simple rules and quick gameplay Dobble is a fantastic game for anyone looking to play a few games in-between eating – everything revolves around eating at Christmas!

Check out the full Dobble review here.

That’s just  a few ideas and we don’t think you’d be disappointed by them!

Happy Holidays!


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