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I figured that this Nintendo Switch event was too important to not watch live, So I’ve opted to get up at 3:45am GMT in preparation for the event due to start 4:00am. I have to leave for work in 2 1/2 hours, but this is an event I felt I needed to watch. So please forgive any terrible spelling or punctuation errors that might appear in this post. I’ll touch up and correct anything later in the day.

So, with my excuses for errors and fishing for sympathy out of the way, let’s get to it, here’s the Nintendo Switch Presentation.

I’m prepared and ready by 3:52am. The YouTube channel is live already with a DJ playing some crazy music to an impressive light show. It already feels very un-Nintendo like.


And here we go, at 03:59 the music changes, the flashing strobe lights change and a countdown from 60 begins flashing over 3 screens. Hype is unbearable even at 4am.

countdownOnto the stage walks Nintendo resident Tatsumi Kimishima. He thanks us for joining in and tells us how popular the Nintendo Switch reveal was back in October. We’re told In todays presentation we’ll get a detailed introduction in Switch hardware and software.

Switch will release on March 3rd 2017 in Japan, US, Major European Countries. Suggested Retail price is $299.99 for USA, For Europe we have to check with our local retailer.

Next onto Online Services. We can enjoy online multiplayer gaming. It’ll be a free service during launch, but will turn to a paid service in fall 2017. Region locking is to be removed.

We’re given a history of gaming with Nintendo recapping each innovation each console or handheld brought to the market. We get a trailer about the Switch once we get through all the Nintendo consoles.

The first thing we get is an introduction to the Joycon controller.

We get a demonstration over how it’ll work and different colours available for it. The Joycon controller right side features an NFC reader for Amiibo reading. Both the right and left controllers have motion detection and can be used like Wii controllers. The left controller features a capture button to take screenshots. The right side has a home button. The left controller has rumble technology.

We can have 8 Switch players even on Mario Kart.

We’re introduced to 2 games that make the most of the Joycon. 1 2 Switch which is a multiplayer game that is reminiscent of Wii Sports in that it seems like an introductory game to showcase the Joycon’s abilities. 1 2 Switch launches on Switch launch day.

The next game we’re show in “Arms” which is a battle game in which each the left and right parts of the Joycon represent your characters arms. You control the arms to beat up oppositions. Arms will release in Spring.

Next up we get a look at a familiar franchise that was a success on the Wii U. It’s Splatoon. But this is Splatoon 2. There are new weapons, new battle stages.

Can be played using Joycon controller or Switch Pro controller. Can play using TV screen, or Switch console as the screen. Can play online or local multiplayer. It’s planned for launch summer 2017.

From Splatoon 2 we move onto a new Mario. It begins in a city and looks incredible, but then swiftly moves to plenty of new different environments. Cannot stress how gorgeous it looks visually. See Mario interact with other people in the levels even skipping with characters in the city that actually look like proper human beings rather than Mario character models which is a little surreal. Bowser is in a top hat. A real standout looking game for the Switch here.

It’s called Super Mario Odyssey. His hat has eyes on it, perhaps to suggest that Mario’s hat will be special item for the game. It’s a large sandbox world to run around in. We’re not in the Mushroom kingdom anymore. Mario Odyssey will launch in holiday 2017.

Next we have a Moniloth logo appear on the screen. A JRPG begins to play that has anime styled characters. Looks like another Xenoblade title. And it is. simply called Xenoblade 2.

Next up Koei Temco logo flashes to the screen. Some orbs appear on the screen and a shield appears after. It was a brief teaser for FIRE EMBLEM WARRIORS.

Next to a 3rd party segment. 80 games currently in development. First up Square-Enix. Dragon Quest 10 and 11 logo’s are shown. Dragon Quest Hero’s will also appear on Switch.

Straight into another trailer with the Atlus logo appearing on screen and a reveal of a Shin Megami Tensai game.

Square-Enix logo is back and we get a trailer with a game called Project Octopath Traveller. A new game from Square-Enix.

We switch over to Sega now, but no trailer for any games just a declaration that they are excited to work on Switch. Bethesda next and they confirm that Skyrim is coming to the Switch. From Bethesda to Suda 51 from Grasshopper. Travis Touchdown will be coming to Switch in a yet to be titled game. Another switch over to an Executive from EA Games. The executive admits his love for Nintendo so much that his first born son has the middle name of Luigi. EA announce that FIFA will be coming to Switch.

From here we get a little trailer showcasing some games just mentioned and a few that we’ve yet to see. Bomberman, Street Fighter, DragonBall all appear.

On launch the box will contain a Switch Console, the Joycon controller, Joycon handle. 2 Versions will launch, one standard colour Joycon, the other with blue and red handle Joycon.

The show ends with a trailer for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. It looks absolutely beautiful. Just jaw dropping is the size and scale of this game. This is legitimately one of the most incredibly hype inducing trailers ever. Seriously jaw to the floor. And it’ll launch alongside the Switch on 3rd March.

And with that we’re done. What are you’re thoughts? Did this convince you to pick up a Switch on launch. Zelda looks simply epic. I wasn’t convinced about launch pick up till that trailer ended. This game was always going to be big, but this is now the reason to get a Switch. Really looking forward to Mario too as that looked great. With that it’s now 05:13am. I’m gonna get 45 minutes more sleep before getting ready for work.

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  3. I’m still not convinced with the Switch, especially at that price point. Other than Zelda, there really aren’t any amazing games coming at launch, the price is above PS4 and XBox One, and most of the games for release are just rereleases of games that are at least two years old if not older.

    I’ll give the system a couple of years to grow up before looking at investing in one, unless something amazing shows up to convince me otherwise.

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