#Shoot Talk 16

No sooner had I apologized for the lack of Shoot Talk over December, promising to get it back to a weekly post, then I skip posting last week. New year and things getting in the way. Hopefully it’ll all calm down and I can continue this weekly rather than fortnightly as wrestling moves too fast to only discuss it every 2 weeks. Anyway let’s get to it.

Predicting The 2017 Royal Rumble Winner


Basically as the above says. For the first time in quite a while it doesn’t seem so obvious who is winning the Royal Rumble. In part due to the names that have so far entered the Royal Rumble it really does give it an air of unpredictability this year. With John Cena, Roman Reigns, Kevin Owens and AJ Styles tied up with their respective title matches, that eliminates them (unless they enter it as-well as compete for titles, but not likely). Over recent years you’d have gone with 2 of those 4 outright with Reigns or Cena.

Goldberg and Lesnar both entering gives this rumble a much larger presence than before, but surely neither of these guys win. It’ll be more so they eliminate each other leading them to continue their feud for a 3rd match at Wrestlemania.

The Undertaker throwing his name into the Royal Rumble again steps up the feel of this year as a special Royal Rumble. Throw in the other names confirmed so far as Ziggler, Braun, Jericho, Rollins it’s already feeling very full of established big guys rather than filling in spaces with jobbers like Darren Young or Bo Dallas. Still don’t doubt it’ll have it’s jobber members added.

It’s an exciting start to 2017 that’s for sure thanks to the upcoming pretty unpredictable Royal Rumble and the crowning of the first United Kingdom Champion this weekend. We’ll do the full Royal Rumble predictions in Book It Vince in the Shoot Talk the weekend of the Rumble.

Chris Jericho Captures the United States Championship

Y2J has collected the final WWE Championship that has eluded him during his tenure with WWE. The United States Championship. It’s all but confirmed Jericho will be leaving the WWE in 2017 as he tours with Fozzy. In January of 2016 if you had told me Y2J was leaving I’d not have been overly bothered. It’s a detriment to what he’s done in those 12 months as I’m now dreading the day he does leave. He’s been one of the most consistently entertaining parts of WWE in 2016. Sure not all of his matches have been instant classics. His Wrestlemania match against AJ and Ambrose Asylum match being 2 pretty terrible matches. But his change of character from the start of 2016 to now has been fantastic. He’s redeveloped himself with new catchphrases and items of ring gear, trading the flashing jacket to the villainous facial hair to the scarf. He’s given us the gift of Jericho and we’ve been told to drink it all in man. If we didn’t we were gonna get it and make the list whilst being referred to as a stupid idiot.

Seriously “IT” and “Stupid Idiot” brought myself and my “Book It Vince” buddies Mike and Matt to tears of laughter during one outing with some beers on board. We could not stop repeating it to the point it became an obsession to call one another a stupid idiot and threaten each other that they were gonna get it. We were actually in pain from laughing.

Seeing Y2J capture a belt in his final months within WWE is absolutely fine by me. I assume Reigns dropping this title is an indication he’s gaining the Universal title at Royal Rumble, leaving Owens and Jericho able to feud as their impending best friendship appears to fall apart. If it results in Y2J getting a hell of a good match with Owens at Wrestlemania so be it.

Neville Makes The Cruiser Division his own

I mentioned 2 weeks ago that the Cruiser Division is now taking shape as the roster there are more integrated with RAW. And it appears that Neville is most definitely reliable enough to lead the division with his current heel run. The past 2 weeks of 205 he has owned the show. His matches against Swann and TJP have been a showcase of just how dominant he can be in the division. His promo’s appear to have improved with the heel character with excellent reminders that he’s been in the ring and beaten opponents nearly 100lbs heavier then him, so this division will be a walkover for him. His finishing matches without hitting the red arrow to continue the heel persona cause lets face it, you’d still cheer a heel hitting such an impressive move as the red arrow.

There’s plenty of opportunity in the Cruiser division for Neville, and he’s likely to pull off pretty tremendous matches going forward with the likes of Gallagher, Cedric Alexander and hopefully Tozawa in the future.

Highlight Reel

I’m going to try and add this section now weekly as a way to highlight either promos or wrestlers that impressed me in the week that might possibly go unnoticed amidst the hours and hours of WWE that is now on weekly.

Noam Dar – When he appeared at the CWC during the summer 2016, I wasn’t overly impressed. I don’t know why, he just flew under the radar a bit with me in comparison to the likes of Tozawa, Ibushi, Alexander & ZSJ. While he’s not completely got his name out with WWE just yet, his recent run of performances as the young, cocky, self loving and apparent ladies man has been hilarious. I couldn’t help but laugh after his promo after a beating by Alexander in which he declared he wants the “Lovely Alica Fuuuccchhs (Fox)”. He’s taking this character on very well and is getting exposure on RAW & 205 with it.

Rusev on RAW 09/01/2017 – It wasn’t exactly an aggressive promo, It was just a hilarious promo in which Rusev approached Shawn Micheal demanding that he add Lana to his latest movie as she’s beautiful enough to be a movie star. Enzo and Cass appeared and the innuendo of course came thick and fast, but the best part was Rusev playing oblivious to it all “I don’t know what that means, so it’s not very funny” saying this while he has a smirk on his face. RAW as of late has been in a bad state, but it does have some shining moments, and this week Rusev’s short but hilarious exchange with Shawn Michael’s and Enzo & Cass was a definite highlight. Try and track it down.

Book It Vince – Special Point

So we’ve decided that we’ll throw the United Kingdom Championship into Book It Vince. We’re predicting who will win the tournament only. If correct 1 additional point to our tally. Here’s the standings since RoadBlock.


And here’s who we’ve all gone for.




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