Shoot Talk #19

Well, Royal Rumble huh? I was going to say none of us saw that coming, but Mike actually did as he unbelievably predicted the Royal Rumble winner. But it certainly did provide some shocks, leave some sour tastes and kicked the road to Wrestlemania off in a sort of unpredictable fashion. Aside from the Rumble, NXT entered into a Glorious new era and RAW & Smackdown left the Rumble behind them and started the build up to their next brand specific PPV’s before Mania.

So 2017 is off to a new, but somewhat familiar feeling. Welcome to Shoot Talk.

Local Man Ruins Everything

Roman Reigns has a pretty good record going now of ruining the Royal Rumble and pissing fans off for 3 consecutive years. 2015 winning it annoyed fans, 2016 being involved as champion and seemingly resulting in the rumble being all about him pissed fans off and in 2017 the surprise number 30 entrant into the Royal Rumble pissed off fans.

It’s not his fault, of course it’s not, he’s being booked this way. But god damn when will creative learn to just stop it. In the summer after being suspended it seemed he was being punished losing out on the title in Money in the Bank, taking a clean pin, and then losing to Finn Balor clean in the Universal title hunt. It was quite surreal seeing him lose and it actually was kind of welcome.

In fairness Reigns didn’t win the Universal title at Rumble, and he didn’t actually win the rumble either so it’s not that he walked away from the PPV as the main guy, but the audacity to put him as number 30 left us with the tone of “really?” or “Why?”

And while I was actually fuming at this and genuinely couldn’t believe it at the time, it was actually a stroke of genius having him enter number 30, as when Randy Orton eliminated him to win, it gave Randy a huge pop which he might not have gotten. It’s not to say Randy isn’t popular, but the impact of winning the rumble by eliminating let’s say Rusev last wouldn’t have given the crowd the same sense of relief about Orton winning than eliminating Reigns last. It’s as if WWE creative knew that anyone who eliminated Reigns who came out at number 30 would go to be the instant fan favourite of the company. So well played.

However the seeds were planted for an Undertaker vs Reigns match at Wrestlemania with Reigns eliminating the Deadman from the rumble. Now, should Reigns win and retire Taker he would be stuck with the ultimate heel heat ever and never be able to shake that. It was rumoured that after mania he’ll be put into a heel spotlight, and his recent tweets have been rather heelish, so maybe it’s on the cards. It’s definitely needed.


Rumours Rumours Rumours

So with the results of the Rumble all set and our champions all in place, the rumours are flying around about the next 2 ppv’s and the mania line-up. Should the dirt sheets be believed 2017 will see Goldberg winning a major WWE championship. It’s rumoured that Goldberg vs Owens will take place at Fastlane with Goldberg squashing Owens in less time than he squashed Brock at Survivor series, seeing him enter Wrestlemania against Brock for the WWE Universal title. And you can pretty much guarantee that Lesnar will win as the way the Goldberg vs Lesnar booking has been from Survivor Series and Rumble It’s been Goldberg humiliating Lesnar. What better place to have Lesnar get revenge and a win than Mania for the title.

On the other brand John Cena won his record equalling 16th WWE Championship and will be defending it at Elimination Chamber. With Orton winning the rumble as of now it’d set up Cena vs Orton at Mania for the WWE Championship. Hardly earth shattering. Again only rumours but the dirt sheets are pointing to Bray Wyatt winning his first WWE Championship (other than the Tag title) in Elimination Chamber setting him up to feud with Orton who he was feuding with before getting him to join his stable. Bray vs Orton for WWE Championship isn’t all that enthralling either, but I hope it’s true as Bray is long overdue some credit, and he’s been built up looking rather impressive in the 2 last big PPV’s. Survivor Series he got the winning pin to gift Team Smackdown the win over Team Raw, and was part of the final 3 in the Rumble unfortunately succumbing to Roman Reigns.

Samoa Joe Debuts – Seth Rollins takes an unscheduled break

So my pick to win the Royal Rumble never even appeared. But he did make his long overdue main roster debut on RAW the night after. To start, I’m a little bummed out he’s not on Smackdown. Smackdown Live is undoubtedly the better show at the moment and Joe would slot in perfectly in the main event title hunt there. A feud with AJ is pretty mouth-watering and I’d have no hesitation seeing him feud with Ambrose for the IC title, or feud with the Miz or Bray. But alas he’s been hired as an enforcer for HHH on RAW. Sadly for Seth Rollins, Joe was hired to take down Rollins and did so but ended up re-injuring Rollins recently rebuilt knee. It’s a shame as the thought of a Rollins and Joe feud was also a pretty interesting concept.

Hopefully Joe on RAW will see him be in the upper card area of the roster as he deserves to be, and RAW certainly has a roster which can offer some class matchups for him. Joe vs Owens, Joe vs Zayn, Joe vs Balor again, heck I’d like to see Joe vs Cesaro not even for a title, just do it.

As for Rollins it’s unclear the extent of his injury and how long he’ll be side-lined for. Hopefully he can scrape into Wrestlemania but it certainly could throw his rumoured match with HHH into the air.


Highlight Reel

The Miz – Smackdown 31/01/2017 – The Miz and Corbin were sat on commentary during Smackdown and had a little exchange. Corbin was trying to keep up with The Miz during this exchange but the Miz put him right in his place with this simple reply.


Book It Vince

And here’s how we did with our Takeover and Royal Rumble results. Who in their right mind would pick someone to win the Royal Rumble who isn’t even on the main roster? This bellend would. Here’s how our predictions went.

nxt rumble

So we had some pretty shocking results over the 2 PPV’s. Look at those surprise entrants, it was never going to happen was it? Braun Strowman won us all a point with most eliminations. Matt and Mike were close with having Zayn as the Iron Man, somehow Jericho did it again though. These terrible predictions certainly made things tight between us though as we head to the final PPV’s of season 1 of Book It Vince.




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