Shoot Talk #27

We’re here, we did it, we’re a little late posting than normal, but we’re at Wrestlemania weekend. This week’s ShootTalk is going to break the recent formula change purely because I’ve not watched RAW, Smackdown, NXT or 205 Live this week, which is pretty stupid given they were all the Wrestlemania go home shows, but I’ve not had time as Wednesday night through to Saturday night I’ve been away at EGX Rezzed (posts on games played to come soon). In fact this post was made on Saturday 1st as I’ll be internet-less till Saturday night and posting the predictions to 2 of the biggest PPVs on the year a mere hours before the first PPV begins is a bit silly.

I can however add one normal section from previous ShootTalk’s, my Boring section which refers to stuff happening within the WWE that’s not that great. We will of course also have Book it Vince as it’s the final PPV of our predictions before one of us is crowned the first Book It Vince champion and season 2 will begin after Mania. Wit that said, Welcome to Wrestlemania Shoot Talk.


Matches moved to preshow of Mania: It was inevitable I guess given how large the Mania card is this year, a fairly important match has been moved to the preshow of Wrestlemania. Austin Aries will be making his Wrestlemania debut against Neville for the Cruiserweight Championship but will trying to take that title on the preshow. It’s a shame that this had to take the bump but it is understandable that some matches had to juggle around to accommodate the incredibly stacked card. The Andre Battle Royal being preshow I’m okay with. But the Cruiserweight championship is the one that confuses me the most. They’re still wanting to bring this division up the ranks, wanting to increase the importance of it and get more traction for it, so bump it to preshow. However you’ve got to respect Austin Aries who did not take this to heart at all, and in fact twisted it to a positive.


And onto the main event, the final predictions of season 1 of Book it Vince. Our first champion will be crowned. Mike’s currently ahead by 2 from me, Matt’s 4 points behind me, so it’s going to take a miracle of out there predictions for Matt to snatch the championship. We’ve set a rule that we’d submit our predictions at the same time on Whatsapp as to avoid any strategic predictions, as normally we’d submit them at different stages throughout the day.

Here’s a reminder of the standings before our final 2 PPV’s.

And here’s who we’ve picked for Takeover: Orlando and Wrestlemania 33:


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