Shoot Talk #31

Well, this week’s Shoot Talk is going to be very short and to the point. I’ve not actually watched any of WWE’s TV output this week. I’ve read the results, and seen a few highlights, but not enough to comment on the highlights, the awesome moments or boring moments from any of the 7 hours of weekly WWE TV. So this week’s Shoot Talk will be just our first PPV predictions for Season 2 of Book it Vince.

We all have a bonus point or two to start of season 2, due to our predictions of the Superstar Shakeup from after Wrestlemania. As it stands, right now Mike has 2 points for his correct movements, while Matt and I are on 1 point each. As Mike reminded us yesterday, it’s a marathon this season and not a sprint.

Well the first PPV has certainly got plenty of differing predictions, so it should make for an interesting first PPV of season 2. Here’s how we’ve gone:

This first PPV’s results will definitely give us an interesting start on the long road for Season 2 of Book It Vince.


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