Seafall Game 2: Darkness Stirs

Seafall is a Legacy game that’s played across multiple sessions and every time you play new rules can be introduced, cards can be torn up and thrown away, you can write on the board and a number of new elements can be introduced along the way – the game evolves as you play.

This is the story of our play through from Prologue to completion. Each post will document the events of one session and will contain spoilers for the game, so if you don’t want to know what is hidden in the game or how it can pan out, it’s probably best to stop reading.

Catch up with the prologue and game 1.

Game 2

Players – 4 – Serendair, Trenwith, Kickassia, Hyrule

Objective – Target glory of 12, first player to reach it, wins.

Milestones available – Darkness Stirs, A Continent Awakens


Crowds gathered in anticipation, there was an air of excitement within the province of Kickassia. Their new leader was to be named. Parades took to the streets in celebration, dancers wowed the crowds, jesters frolicked amongst by standers and the nobles looked on with a certain expectation. Cheezoid was finally introduced to the people of Kickassia. She addressed the crowds with confidence and poise, talking of grand plans to lead the province to glory. Ruptures of applause broke out as the procession came to an end. It was time for Cheezoid to lead.

Eventually the crowds started to disperse. An elderly couple were walking back towards their cottage when the man leaned in and asked “Did they say she was called Cheezoid?”, the elderly lady turned, bushy white hair sprouting from her hood pulled up around her face “Yes, dear they did.” she replied. “What an odd name.” the man remarked.

The sinking of Blood Lust has grounded progress of The Blood Coast, carpenters, buildings and sailors could be seen working daily in the docks to try and get them back out to see as soon as possible. But it could be some winter’s before they’re able to jump back in to the fray.

Each leader knew that advancements in structures within their provinces would give them serious edge over their rivals, but it would not be an easy task. Whilst to the West, there are still islands that needed fully mapping, locations that held promise, still untouched with glory to be had.

As a new year began each province decided that resources were needed, with ships filling their holds at a moment’s notice. Selma Good – a seasoned merchant, and recently hired advisor to Rhapsody, knew all the tricks of the trade when it came to maximising profits and Rhapsody quickly put her to work to gain an edge over her rivals filling the holds of both The Tempest and The Normandy with all manner of good to be sold for a decent profit – the coffers of Serendair were filling nicely.

Meanwhile Swift Tug, under instruction from Pastie Crust, ventured West to scout out areas where islands were still left untouched. Zora was the target, there was a rumour of a peninsula that could hold riches but was also extremely dangerous. Pastie ordered the raid anyway knowing the rewards could out weigh the risks. Word eventually reached Pastie that the raid had been a success. The Admiral of the Swift Tug wrote with nothing but ‘Darkness Stirs’ written above the seal of the letter.

I can confirm that the task is complete. Smoke rises and the smell of gunpowder is everywhere. It was an ugly affair but the soldiers comported themselves with honor. You should be proud. They are looking for extra compensation, which I have told them is forthcoming. Already word of our deed spreads across seas. The lesser provinces shall respect us as they well should going forward. Still, several of the locals fled from the raid and we have learned they are joining the ranks of a pirate king in the area. We should prepare for further troubles.

Rumours of a pirate king were unsettling, but until the rumours could be confirmed nothing could be done about them. The Admiral was ordered to bring the treasures back to the mainland, Pastie wanted to see her rewards for herself.

Hearing of the successes of Trenwith, Kickassais were out for their own small victories. Boaty McBoat Face was ordered to raid, but theirs would prove to be less of a success. Boaty McBoat Face failed and sank, it was becoming clear that the provinces were underestimating what lied in the seas out West.

As Winters passed attentions turned from venturing out at sea to affairs more closer to home, each province felt that upgrades were needed to their ports with both Hyrule and Trenwith adding gun towers to deter any potential threats from each other. Whilst Serendair built a grand market place to further their advancements in trades.

But it was the province of Trenwith that made the biggest strides. Pastie Crust received a letter from her most senior architect.

I found this city in a squalid affair, brick and mud and dirt. I leave it clad in marble. These are the last writings I shall make, as I feel death’s hand coming for me.Whatever disease has grown within me these months has gained in strength. I am weak. My dreams are strange. Even while awake, as the sun sets on the sea, I keep seeing fleets of fire emerging from its rays. But no fleets emerge. They are just the delirium of a mind at its end. But my city… my eyes see the glory that I have built. Long shall people marvel at our city. Even now I see ships coming, looking to tear down what I have built. These ships seem real and carry no marking. They are pirates. They have come.

Eventually Swift Tug had returned from it’s voyages and with the ship came the treasures from their successful raid. The treasure was brought to the great hall and placed in front of Pastie – she wished to be the first to see what the chests held. As they opened the chests it wasn’t golden statues, emeralds and jewels that they found, but scripture and scribblings of islands further West that no one from the mainland had even seen let alone stepped foot on. Rough and tattered maps marked potential locations, they were too disheveled to make out exactly where they were. There was also the beginnings of what looked like a diary of some kind, the owner no doubt lost to sea. Only short passages legible and only one in particular stood out.

The Sea awaits! The provinces, pushed by the soldiers and explorers guilds, are heading into the great unknown. Whether by cunning, force, fortune, or fate, new lands will be found and new adventures will be written. History shows that that those who head out into uncharted waters often don’t come back. But boldness and glory await. As does the Pirate King. The continent is in turmoil as those provinces that are further back have declared war on  those more prestigious. Ships are no longer safe on the open seas.

Whilst the chests held no treasure, the potential of these new islands was a thought to tantalising to ignore, but word of these islands could not be contained to just the people Trenwith, word spread to other provinces and it was clear that after the next winter everyone’s eyes would be focused further West.

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