Geekly Review #182

It’s time to take a look at what we’ve been playing and getting up to in the geeky world.

Little Nightmares

Little Nightmares has been on my radar since way back when it was originally called Hunger. I picked it up recently and have got to making my escape from the Maw. You play as 6 and have to work your way through rooms and areas filled with horrors, in order to try and escape from the Maw – a huge, mostly underwater place filled with other children and other inhabitants straight from your nightmares. Usually I’m not a fan of horror games, I just can’t take the tension a lot of the time, but Little Nightmares is less full on horror and more psychological. There is a creepy tone to the whole game, it’s very bleak, dark and kind of depressing.

There is a fair amount of puzzle solving in order to progress, nothing to taxing so far, but something just to keep the cogs ticking over.

The whole atmosphere of the game is great, it looks great, sounds great and plays really well too.

I’m only around an hour in so far, and have started a let’s play series on my YouTube channel if you want to check it out!

Pako 2

Pako 2 completely came out of nowhere for me. I was browsing Reddit on Friday and saw that a thread had been started where – I assume, the developer was giving away some keys to people with YouTube channels for a bit of publicity. After quickly checking out the game, I threw my name in to the hat as I thought the game looked really interesting.

With an awesome 80’s action film vibe and soundtrack, Pako 2 sees you playing the role of getaway driver. All around town people seem to be robbing places, but they don’t have a ride, at least not yet. Guided by a little arrow to point you to your nearest heist, you pick up the criminals and then have to evade the cops and get them to their destination, the further you get the more police will turn up – to the point where you have helicopters chasing you. You have a gun with you though, so you can fight back and shoot at the cars in pursuit to give you a bit of breathing room.

The game kind of works in an open world sort of way, there isn’t any real start and end, as soon as you finish one job you can seamlessly drive straight to the next one. The more jobs you chain together, the better you rewards will be.

Seeing as I’d never heard of the game, I was very pleasantly surprised by it, it’s a lot of fun. As you play you will have the option to get upgrades for you vehicles or get completely new ones. I haven’t actually explored the upgrades yet, so I’m not totally sure what there is.

Again I’ve put together a video of the game on my channel.

Pako 2 is out now on Steam early access.


The Surge

I can’t say much about The Surge until the embargo is up on the 16th May, But I can say that I’ve got a copy and made a start on it last night on PS4. I’m not particularly a fan of the Dark Souls franchise, granted I’ve actually never played one, but having tried to play Bloodborne and trading it back within a few hours, I’d hazard a guess that Souls wouldn’t be my type of game either. Now with that in mind, having a copy of The Surge to play and review was initially a little intimidating. What I can say from my first few hours with the game and 5 trophies earned is that, yes, this is very Dark Soul’s-esque. I’ve so far back tracked numerous times to a safe point / upgrade point, each time completing an upgrade going back into the futuristic junk yard environment having to battle the enemies I’d previously bested that have since respawned after my upgrades. It’s definitely a test. But I’m sure it’s what Dark Soul’s fans are used to. For me, it’s a very different experience.

I’ll be digging more into the game over the coming days before the review embargo hits, at this point my next task I think will be to go and recover my dropped items from my last death. That’ll be a fun run.

The Boy

I’m one for watching and enjoying a horror film. Sure I regret it immensely at the time of watching, as for the most part I’m home alone when I do watch them, But that’s part of the fun and gets the adrenaline pumping more. One film that I remembered seeing a trailer for quite a while back was “The Boy”. The main reason I remember it was due to Maggie from Walking Dead starring in it. So I thought I’d give it a go during the week, again home alone in the evening watching a scary film. The Boy starts off as just that, a pretty damn intense film. There aren’t jump scares so to speak. It tends to just be many scenes of the still and lifeless doll that you expect to move at any minute, but never ends up happening. The film at the start is very much a supernatural / possession type film, you’re pretty sure you can see from a mile off the doll is possessed. I won’t go into spoiler territory, but damn did this film have a twist at the end. Once the twist is revealed you start to recall massive hints during the film that when you think back about it, you should have seen coming. “You must read to Brahm in this room for x hours, you must read loudly and clear” or “Brahm likes to listen to music in this room only loudly”. Again without spoilers, but yeah, of course they need the nanny in one room with loud music.

With that, the twist kind of ruined the film for me, I’m much more of a paranormal scary movie fan then what this film ended up being after the ‘twist’.

– Murr

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