E3 2017 – EA Conference Summary

So EA kicked off E3 2017 with their conference. We’ve just wrapped up watching it while frantically writing notes down, as mentioned in numerous EA E3 summary posts, it’s usually pretty safe what to expect to be shown. Sports games, Need for Speed if one is due to hit, either Battlefront or Battlefield depending what cycle we’re on.

Here’s how EA’s conference went down:

The conference started off in terrible fashion (If you’re a fan of any other NFL team other than the Patriots, as they had numerous men playing drums in Patriots jerseys) NFL Madden 2018 Starts us of.

We get an in depth look at “Long Shot” the career mode for Madden 18.

Andrew Wilson the EA CEO is on after the trailer. It’s the usual jargon of they’re all about playing games.

8 games to feature today. Star Wars Battlefront is mentioned and Wilson accepts that the last Battlefront had a lot of criticism and they have taken this feedback on board. Battlefront 2 will be featured for 30 minutes in this conference.

The first game we look at is Battlefield 1 again. New maps are introduced that take place during the night time. In The Name of The Tsar is the next expansion featuring battles that took place on the East. Women’s battalion of death will be coming to BF1. Coming in September. Later this year a new competitive experience will be coming to BF1. It’ll be revealed at Gamescom in August.

Some eSport jargon about FIFA eSport teams.

A PlayStation logo takes to the screen, then a trailer for FIFA 18. This year Ronaldo is the feature player. Good thing he won the Champions League last week really isn’t it? After the trailer we get introduced to “The Men in Blazers”…

This is genuinely shaping up to be an absolutely dire conference.

Yeah this is diabolical, The men in Blazers are talking about Ronaldo in spandex. They go onto discuss the 2nd chapter of Alex Hunter (the fictional character from FIFA 17) So looks the career mode is back in FIFA 18. A trailer for the Journey: Hunter Returns plays, they got a lot of big names to be part of this trailer. Ronaldo, Pogba, plenty of commentators, Henry, ESPN, Sky Sports…. just watch it below:

Moving onto something else, and a very nervous guy called Jesse completely botches up his spot introducing Need for Speed Payback, it’s terribly awkward. But YAY Need for Speed (No Sarcasm, I’m cool with the NFS Franchise). Unfortunately the guys introducing this game to us are incredibly nervous and stumble across the features. But we make it to a trailer, It plays out like a video game version of Fast and Furious.

EA Originals is introduced next. A new title is revealed. The new game is called ” A Way Out”. It’s from Hazelight, the maker of Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons. It looks like a prison escape type of game. It also looks very good. The game is co-op only. It’s built exclusively for Co-op, be it online or preferably on the couch. The guy introducing his game on the stage is very charismatic and one of the highlights of the show.

We’re shown some screenshots of Madden 18 that was built for Project Scorpio.

Moving onto a new IP from EA. “A first tease”, but more to be seen in the Microsoft Conference tomorrow. It’s from Bioware and uses Frostbite. It’s called Anthem and is getting a full reveal at the Microsoft show tomorrow. It looks kind of like a Destiny meets Titanfall game.

Next to NBA Live 18.

So that looks like the conference then, as the final game to come up will be Star Wars Battlefront 2… and 30 minutes of it. The question is asked by John Boyega from Star Wars: The Force Awakens, will Battlefront get a full story mode? Shortly after that question is asked, Storm Troopers ascend the stage. Yes… yes there will be a single player story. All era’s will feature in Battlefront 2.

We get a video of DICE explaining all the work they’ve done and how much is in this game.  John Boyega is back via video conference to confirm that Fin will be in Battlefront 2. Free DLC is confirmed. Season one is themed on the next film The Last Jedi. All seasons will be free. Pre ordering gets BETA access. And onto the world premier of multiplayer. Holy Fucking Shit. It looks fucking spectacular. 30 minutes of it and not a hint of boredom watching it. So E3 has started. It started with probably the worst conference of the weekend. Was a rocky start, picked up a with the reveal of A Way Out, Teased with the reveal of a potential XboxOne exclusive in Anthem and then the finale of Battlefront 2 felt like a true E3 conference.

Conference 1 down, next up Microsoft at 10pm tomorrow night.

– Murr


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