Abandon Ship – Combat & Monsters Gameplay



There is a new trailer and this one is showing the monsters of the deep and the Cult of Haliphron! This game just keeps looking better and better!

Oringial Post

A few months ago I posted a ‘One to Watch‘ for Abandon Ship. Since posting the guys at Fireblade software have been working hard on creating the game and have just released a new trailer detailed the games combat systems.

The video covers a lot of things regarding the combat and ship to ship fighting like:-

  • Positioning the class-based crew to gain optimal performance. For example when the Gunner man’s weapons they reload faster.
  • Ships are broken into Sections. The performance of that section is affected by its health status. Savvy players will target specific sections to fit in with their battle plans.
  • Distance between ships determines:
    • Visibility (which can be improved with upgrades)
    • Weapon range
    • What actions can be performed (like boarding or ramming)
  • Fires spreading across the ship, with crew desperately trying to extinguish them before they rage out of control.
  • Hull Cracks that flood the ship. If you take on too much water, you’ll sink. You can lower the water level by manning the pumps.
  • Crew getting knocked overboard and diverting someone to man the winch and attempt a rescue.
  • Lightning, Rain, Tidal Waves and Fog modifiers that force players to adapt their battle tactics.
  • A vast array of weapons, each with a meaningful difference that plugs into your preferred strategy.
  • How upgrades can complement your chosen strategy. Harpoons and Hull Spikes might suit a player that likes to fight at close range.
  • Environmental modifiers like Icebergs in special Arctic maps, plus upgrades that mitigate this (in this example the Icebreaker, which deflects Icebergs without taking damage).

Check out the video below.

If you’re a regular reader here, you might know that I’ve recently started playing the board game Seafall, and playing that has got me even more excited for for playing Abandon Ship. It is really shaping up to be a very interesting looking games and I can’t wait to see more of it!

If you want to hear more about Abandon Ship, make sure to keep an eye on their Twitter or other social channels for updates as over the next few weeks they will be revealing more info on the Exploration side of the game and what happens if your ship sinks plus a whole lot more.

Still no word on a release date though, just penciled in for 2017, but if that changes, don’t worry I’ll let you know!



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