Antihero Review

Anithero is described as a fast paced digital board game where you run a thieves guild and must recruit thugs, street urchins, gang members and more in order to steal, blackmail and assassinate your way to victory!

We’ve covered Antihero here before after we got to go hands on with the game at EGX earlier in the year and were eagerly awaiting its full release after being so impressed by it’s style and overall gameplay. Back when I first played it there was only the skirmish modes available, but now we’re treated to a full story campaign alongside skirmish modes against AI and an online multiplayer versus mode, both casual and competitive.

Firstly, let’s just quickly talk about the theme of the game because I really, really like it. It takes on a cartoonish Victorian, Oliver Twist style setting and the characters – especially the Urchin have a very distinct look about them that will make you think of the Orphan boy created by Charles Dickens – it’s charming, looks great and fits the sneaky, thievery feel of the game perfectly.

You are the Master Thief and operate out of your thieves guild, under the cover of darkness and head out to the city streets to enact illicit acts in order to work towards valuable victory points. You can rob houses, infiltrate businesses and set traps to help you along you way. Performing each action will provide you with bonuses like more gold, or lanterns (a type of currency) to spend, or may even grab you a victory point. Acquiring more gold or lanterns allows you to make upgrades to your guild which in turn unlock new characters to use, or bonuses for said characters. It will also allow you hire more people to join your cause on becoming the top dog in the city!

The campaign mode is robust and offers a nice challenge throughout, nothing to strenuous or demanding, but at the same time, its no walk in the park. If you miss something obvious that could’ve netted you a tidy profit chances are you AI opponent will now capitalise on your mistake, but if you plan and think ahead, you should do just fine.

Once you’re done with the campaign you can jump in to the Skirmish mode or online to test your mettle and try out other characters. It offers some replay-ability that will keep you coming back for a while to try out new approaches and tactics. Although I do feel like the longevity of the game may wear off after a little while. But for £12 I think you will feel satisfied with what you get.

There is also the option of buying the ‘Club book Characters’ for £2 that add a few extra character skins to keep you entertained for a little while longer.

Antihero is a very enjoyable fast paced strategy game that should feel accessible to most players as it’s easy to pick up how to play. If you’re a fan of the turn based strategy genre then I definitely think Anithero is worth checking out. I’d also recommend this is you’re a fan of board games as – like it suggests, it plays very much like one.




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