Geekly Review #197

We’re a day late this week as we had a nice long weekend thanks to the August bank holiday. Here’s what our geeky activities were over this long weekend.

No Man’s Sky

So miraculously, the updates to No Man’s Sky have actually kept my attention for 2 weeks of playing. However I’m a little a annoyed because I had read that some players were experiencing issues with their game saves where the ‘Awakening’ story missions seemed to disappear. Well I think I’ve got this issue, as the only active missions I have now are the Atlas path missions. I’m hoping there isn’t any impact on eventually unlocking the missions that guide me to base building and acquiring land vehicles, but I’m not optimistic. If this is the case and the only way to complete Awakening missions is to restart my game save again, then that’s the end of my time with No Man’s Sky I’m afraid. I’ve enjoyed it and have found the improvements to be noticeable. And it has done enough to pull me back in a few hours each evening for some exploration. The latest solar system I’ve warped to has 5 planets, with 2 of those having a moon, so plenty to explore, but if it’ll all be in vain due to no progression, I won’t be overly happy.

Death Note

On Friday Netflix added their latest original movie, a movie adaption of the popular anime Death Note. I never finished the whole of Death Note series, but did make a good whack in the show and understand generally what the film would be about and who the characters are. So Friday as I had some free time, opted to give the film a go. After watching it, I’ve since seen that it’s not had the most favourable of reviews. That aside I actually kind of enjoyed it. Ryuk voiced by Willem Dafoe is pretty excellent casting in my opinion. The genuine appearance of Ryuk was pretty damn good and could quite easily cause a nightmare or two. Wasn’t particularly keen on who was cast to play Light / Kira. But Lakeith Stanfield cast as ‘L’ was excellent. The mannerisms and awkwardness of L were captured perfectly.

I did find though Light’s clever use of the Death Note was not used as much in the film as it was in the anime. In fact, it was only the finale of the film you actually see the genius side of Light and just how much detail can be added to the Death Note.

Entertaining enough film which did follow the show reasonably well with a few good portrayals of L and Ryuk.

The Punisher: Welcome Back Frank

As we’ve now finished The Defenders, and we’re getting pretty hyped for the next Marvel Netflix show, The Punisher, I opted to read The Punisher comics that I’ve got as part of my hardback ‘Best of Marvel’ Collection. The series I’ve got is the ‘Welcome Back Frank’ arc which re-introduces Frank back to New York. I’m close to finishing the first part of the collection which shows Frank’s return to New York all about tackling the Gnucci crime syndicate. I didn’t realize that it was this series that a scene from the 2nd season of Daredevil was based on. The scene with Daredevil tied up with a gun with one bullet in the chamber, with Frank trying to persuade Murdoch that sometimes killing is necessary daring Daredevil to use the gun on Frank to stop him taking another life. It’s been an enjoyable read thus far, and i’ll be interested to pick up more of The Punisher. I’m planning to read through the Daredevil comic that were part of this collection first though.

– Murr

No Man’s Sky

It seems No Man’s Sky really is flavour of the month right now. I’m still playing it and actually enjoying it quite a bit. I haven’t actually progressed any of the story really, I’ve just been checking out the planets in my starting system and nearby systems for interesting things. My early goal is to basically get some money and try and upgrade my ship and a few other bits. Then I will start to hunt for that Golden planet to call home.

I found my first crashed freighter the other day and it was a pretty cool moment. Coming over the horizon and seeing it smoldering in the distance was pretty cool. I’d really like it if you could explore inside them and find resources and treasures.

I’m not entirely sure what it is that’s making me like it more this time around, but I do want to keep playing…

Crashed Freighter

Star Citizen

I bought in to Star Citizen probably around 4 months ago and to be honest, I’d not played much of it. I dipped in and out to try some features, but never spent ages on it. Seeing as the game got quite a lot of coverage at Gamescom with the upcoming 3.0 patch it really made me want to jump back in and check out some more of space.

Development time is certainly slow on the game, but if they pull this off Star Citizen could be incredible. Some of the stuff they’ve been showing off for 3.0 is seriously impressive.

Anyway, I jumped back in with my little Mustang and took to the stars. I did some warping around trying to do a few missions, but encountered a couple of bugs that basically prevented me from doing them. But I did get in to a dog fight that felt like it lasted forever mainly because my shooting was terrible. It ended with my ship being battered and the guns not working due to the damage I’d sustained so I ran away with my tail between my legs.

I really hope that update 3.0 isn’t too far off because I do really think it’s going to add some really, really cool things to the game.

No I’m off the play Destiny 2 on PC! Come back next week for my thoughts.


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