Geekly Review #200

Wow two hundred Geekly Reviews! Two hundred weeks of updates on how much of a bunch of geeks we are. In case you were wondering, here is our first ever Geekly Review, over the years it’s gone through a few changes and (hopefully) has got better…

Thankyou to all the people who follow us, who come here to read what we’re doing and who chat with us about nerdy stuff!

Destiny 2

I’m still hammering away at Destiny 2 pretty hard. I’m about 25 hours in now and have completed the main story and have hit around 250 light level.

Honestly, the whole game so far has been a blast, the main campaign was really good fun, with some great missions and mission variety. Up to now I’ve not replayed anything apart from some public events and I’ve not felt  like anything has been a grind. The pacing of levelling and getting some decent gear has been pretty good throughout.

Loot rewards have been good!

One of the main problems with Destiny 1 was that the story was short and you were quickly replaying content. I’ve still got a bunch of side quests on each planet to complete, more strikes to try out and loads of other smaller activities. Is there the same amount of content as an MMO RPG, no, not even close. But, despite what people seem to think and say I don’t see Destiny as an MMO RPG, it’s more like a co-op FPS with some RPG elements.

From a gameplay perspective Destiny 2 is everything I wanted it to be, but it’s not perfect by any means and I’m actually working on an piece where Destiny 2 feels like a step back in some respects.

Epic in scale and visually stunning

I’d also just like to mention one strike in particular, the Pyramidion, It’s an awesome strike both visually and gameplay. To me it felt like a mini version of the Vault of Glass raid from Destiny 1.

Throughout my playing of Destiny 2 I’ve often felt that the campaign resembled a Halo game, to me it seems like Bungie have looked back at what made those games so fun and tried to emulate some of that in this game.

Dark & Light

I’ve been continuing my ‘1 hour in’ series on my channel and last week played some of Dark & Light, an MMO RPG style survival game kind of like Ark Survival Evolved.


Season 6 of competitive is live for Overwatch and I’ve recently gone through my placement games. Some of you may remember that I wrote about how I was feeling pretty disillusioned with comp last season and, well basically complaining I couldn’t get out of silver. I placed at around 1800 SR after 7 wins in my placement games, which is pretty much where I was last season. Seriously, what’s the point in placement games if you always place in a similar area? I’ve seen people on reddit say they lose all their games but still place in platinum or higher, what’s the point?

My main man this season!

Anyway, this season I’ve decided to main as a Tank because I got bored of constantly playing support. I’ve mostly played Reinhardt and so far it’s actually been a pretty good experience. I’ve not encountered too many toxic players, most teams seem to end up being fairly well balanced and I have a win rate of almost 70%. But my SR has only been slowly going up, I’m at 1858 right now, but I’m feeling good about it so lets hope I can hit that target of Gold.



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