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  1. “Just when I thought I was finished, they pull me right back in”, is the perfect sentence to use in the scenario for Netflix. There are so many good shows that has just come out and are on the horizon for us consumers to enjoy. While I haven’t seen Stranger Things yet, but will be doing soon and this is here I honestly must say that it sounds interesting but never caught my interest with either trailers or the few clips you see in Youtube videos, but who knows, I might be in for quite the surprise and your review helped a little to look forward what it will bring.

    As for Thor, man this is something I’m looking forward to. Looking past of the few pure comedy Marvel movies, well Thor has always be the more lighthearted of the heroes in the universe. Which makes the way that the trailers have been presented as a walk back to what worked, where it’s using of a more comical tone than before from the first movie. This is still something that I’m looking forward to and by reading your review, there’s not a lot to be afraid that could go wrong.

    Great article, enjoyed reading and seeing your opinion on Thor as well as Stranger Things. 🙂
    Stay Cozy and have a nice day!

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