EGX Rezzed Spotlight: Far: Lone Sails

There’s something quite serene about chugging along a dried out sea bed littered with the remains of a decaying civilisation in your huge hulking metal vehicle that you call home. Far: Lone Sails is an atmospheric vehicle adventure game where your main goal is to keep your vehicle moving and maintained. Along the way you’ll face hazards that will block your path that task you with solving puzzles in order to get moving again. There no enemies to fight off in Far: Lone Sails, it’s just you, your locomotive like vehicle and the adventures that await you as you explore the remains of what is left.

I was able to get about half an hours play time on Far: Lone Sails and it was kind of magical. The world you’re travelling across has an amazing sense of wonder and mystery about it. Every little action you do on your land ship – which I think probably best describes it, feels impactful and satisfying – pushing the button to get you moving is big and hefty, the steam release valve lets out a satisfying hiss when you thump it, raising the giant sails atop your vehicle feels great as they catch they wind a boost you along. But probably the most satisfying thing of all is refilling the fuel and watching the blue/green line make a *thhhwick* noise as it jets along the pipes.

This might sound strange that I’m focusing on these little things so much, but this is the crux of the game, running around managing your land ship to keep it working whilst it chugs along its path, if these little things didn’t feel right; didn’t feel great, then you wouldn’t have an enjoyable experience. From your vehicle you can then take in the world, start to explore its secrets, start to scavenge for supplies to get you further and further in to the wastes.

Movement around your vehicle feels good too, the controls felt tight and responsive and when you have to react quickly to things like a fire breaking out or an obstacle in your path, you need those accurate controls to get you around. If it was clunky and sloppy it would become an annoyance.

Along your travels you will come to old abandoned buildings that you can explore and scavenge through for supplies, some of the ruins will be blocking you from continuing meaning you’ll need to find some way to free up the path in front of you. Others are there simply for you to have a look around in, maybe there will be some hidden clues within them, maybe a clue to how the world ended up like this? Whilst there is no immediate story and your main focus will be towards keeping your vehicle maintained, the more you explore, the more you’ll uncover and the closer you’ll get to your overall goal.

I think I could’ve quite easily sat playing for a few hours, to me it felt like the kind of game where you sit down and then next time you look up a few hours have passed without you noticing. The game just wills you on; there’s this feeling that you should keep moving to explore that next little bit, to try and find that little bit more. But there is no sense of urgency about it, travelling along your route feels quite relaxing at times – that is until a fire breaks out, but for the most part it almost feels casual, like you’re free to explore at your own pace, maybe you want to wander around on foot for a while!

Far: Lone Sails is a beautiful game with some fantastic visuals, a wonderful sound track, a brilliant atmosphere that pulls you in and a fascinating colour palette that really adds a little something special to it and I can’t wait to play it again. The full game releases on 17th May 2018.


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