Geekly Review #232

A day late this week as we experienced a nice sunny bank holiday weekend, with trips away and BBQ’s aplenty. There have been a few geekly goings on though. Here’s what we’ve been up to.

Avengers: Infinity War

So technically I should have been writing about this last week, as my wife and I went for the midnight screening of this on the 26th April (our wedding anniversary) then went to go see it again 12 hours later. But I’ve been slightly caught up in the grind of work to get time to post here which I’m pretty bummed out about. But that aside, here I am and yes, a bit later than I’d like to have told you but, yay we saw Avenger’s Infinity War. And holy smokes is it good. There was always a concern if that many superheros in one movie could have sufficient screen time and would it all work? After the Russo’s brothers excellent job in balancing all the hero’s screen time in Captain America Civil War, they went on to smash the process here with Infinity War giving hero’s plenty of time to portray their characters and mannerisms we’ve become used to seeing in their individual solo flicks. There’s plenty of humour but the film does have it’s darker and more serious tone given the stakes in this story. Thanos is undoubtedly the MVP in this movie. From the teaser we got at the end of the first Avengers, Thanos and his motives have been some what of a mystery to the MCU. We know he’s the big bad, and we knew the previous 18 (wow, 18) films and 10 years had been all leading to this film, but we only got to see Thanos in mid credit teasers and him sending people to his work for him (Loki in Avengers & Ronin in Guardians of the Galaxy). Infinity War does an excellent job on finally revealing just what Thanos wants to do, a nice bit of a back story and plenty of incredible epic battles that showcase just how powerful he is and finally getting to see the power of the Infinity Stones that have been the overly story arc of the last 10 years.

I can’t go into much detail without treading into spoiler territory, but Avengers Infinity War has been definitely worth it. It was absolutely everything I wanted from this build up, I was emotional going into the screening having waited this long and been on the 10 year journey, I got teary eyed as the Marvel Studio logos and music kicked in with the revamped logo now displaying ’10’ in it  (Marve Stud10s) and much like the rest of the showing that was in the cinema, when the credits started rolling we were all just speechless at what had happened. As of typing this, Infinity War has gone onto become the quickest film in history to hit £1bn box office, and it deserves to be there. Throw money at Marvel and see this film. It’s a perfect part 1 ending to the 10 year journey we’ve been on. Less than a year to go till Part 2.

Gran Turismo Sport

A little late to the party with this one, but for our wedding anniversary my wife bought me Gran Turismo Sport. I knew there were a few negative stories about it at launch in that it was missing content, but it would seem I dived in at the right time as a GT mode was added with a single player campaign akin to the old Gran Turismo titles of old. I’m 65% through the driving school, and no, I do not have all golds as of yet, some of those tests are ridiculous.

While playing int he first tournament I found that the assisting driving mechanics were really holding me back. Sure it was breaking when it felt was essential to take corners better, but it was really a hindrance and I found I was struggling to win races at all. I’ve since removed the assist’s and now have free reign to drive how I like and it’s much better. Still need to get the hang of car modifications yet, but I’m getting there. I like to think I’ve picked the game up pretty quickly as now I tend to winning pretty comfortably in the first two tiers of the competition. I’m sure it’ll get tougher though.

What a stunning this game is too, after races I’ll watch the replay and mess around with the photomode and it’s just jaw dropping how gorgeous this game looks.

Grand Theft Auto IV

Yup, a random one. I’ve since been back on my PS3 randomly replaying GTA IV. Will and I were having a discussion about New York, and it really made me want to go back. Seeing as my wife is now pregnant and holidays of that scale are going to be harder to come by, I’ve had to make do with wandering around Liberty City which didn’t do too bad a job of mimicking the Big Apple. Funnily enough it was when I returned back from New York in December 2016 that I bought GTA IV for the PS3 as I wanted to revisit the sites I’d seen but in Liberty City. I did have GTA IV on 360, but that has long been since packed up in storage, while the PS3 remained out for it’s blu-ray player.


One thing I’d forgotten about with IV in comparison to V is how dull the colour palette is. Just seemingly all very brown, grey and dark. A complete contrast to the colourful Los Santos in V. Still, I’m enjoying it and replaying missions that I can remember doing back in 2009 upon it’s initial launch. Hasn’t aged all that badly all things considered.

– Murr

Muderous Pursuits

Murderous Pursuits is a kill-or-be-killed stealth-em-up multiplayer game for 1-8 players. Smartly stalk your target – the Victorian’s call that Quarry – and wait for just the right moment to pounce on your prey. But be careful not to give yourself away to the other players hunting you! 

Essentially you walk around hidden in plain sight due to the fact that there are lots of others who will share your appearance – both NPC and other players. You will be given a target to take down and a little green bar along the top of the screen will help guide you towards them, once you find them you need to take them out to earn points. If you pick up certain weapons along the way you can earn extra points – this is pretty much a must do if you want to win. Other players will be hunting you at the same time and if there aren’t enough real players in the lobby the spaces will be filled by computer controlled players.

It’s a fun game with a really nice atheistic and feel to it, but it’s probably going to live and die on its player base. Maybe others will feel differently, but playing against AI just isn’t as fun in a game like this. I also think the price for it is a little steep for what is on offer. At the moment it doesn’t feel like there is a huge amount of replayability, as I said it’s a fun game and I’ve enjoyed playing it, but I don’t really know how long that fun will last. The game is in early access though so you have to bear in mind that it can and will change over time, I just think dropping the price a bit would’ve put it in better contention for more people playing. I could see me and my friends playing it, but I’d probably struggle to convince them to part with £18 for a few games here and there.

I made a video on it if you want to check out how the game looks yourself!


You’ve heard of Fortnite right? The game that almost everyone seems to be playing right now, almost every video in the trending tab on YouTube is Fortnite, everywhere you go people are flossing – seriously, everyone is. It’s a phenomenon that has even drawn the attention of the mainstream media – although the ITV report was a load of rubbish.

Since its release I’ve played it on and off, I wouldn’t say that I love it, but it’s a nice change of pace from a game like PUBG – which I would say I prefer. But last week I got really stuck in to Fortnite to see if I could see what all the fuss was really about – I even spent some money on it, to try and understand why people love it so much – for science or something…

Well I came away from about 3 hours solid on it feeling kind of like I always had, it’s kind of fun for a bit but I still don’t love it.

But I have to give Epic props because they are smashing it, I don’t recall a game being so well supported, so well updated with new content and so well optimised in a long while. Every week they have new stuff in the game that keeps it fresh and fun for players. This week they’ve added Thanos to the game! Pretty crazy right!

I did enjoy going after some of the challenges in the game, it kind of changed the way I played which was cool, but I still find it a little hectic at times and most people just end up jumping around trying to shotgun each other.

People always argue which is better between PUBG and Fortnite and you know what, I don’t care, I prefer PUBG but that doesn’t mean Fornite is bad. I also think both are equally skilled just in other ways. PUBG is more tactical and requires a more precise aim, whereas Fortnite requires quick reactions for both shooting and building, juggling both of those well is the difference between winning a losing and takes a lot of skill.



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