E3 2018 – Devolver Digital Conference Summary

Last year Devolver Digital blew us away with one of the weirdest and funny conferences we’ve seen, and they’re back again this year. This conference took place at 4:30am UK time, so was not watched live unfortunately, but we caught up with the news, and it’s a little later but here’s a round up of Devolver Digital nonetheless.

So conference starts of by addressing last years conference. Saying it was seen as a joke, but this year they’re going to be taking it seriously.

They have guests ‘live playing’ games on stage, despite the footage clearly being scripted and created months prior to the conference and the player just pressing buttons.

The first game is probably pretty great apparently, lets roll the garbage. SCUM Season 2 is shown.

Up next their leading technology and innovation… Loot boxes.

LootBoxCoin… Devolvers newest innovation apparently. It’s so fucking secure, not even the owners know it’s value. It aims to be the global standard in meaningless wealth.

Onto the next game, let’s get bananas with My friend Pedro –

Next up they start slagging off the nostalgia that’s in the videogame industry such as classic consoles being re-released.. Devolver have no fucking idea why we’re happy buying old games again. But they introduce the Devolver Digital Entertainment System Classic.

It’s actually a Dreamcast painted. The live onstage player get’s beaten up when he brings this note up.

Onto the next game. In 2004, From Software released Metal Wolf Chaos, well Devolver are remastering it.

And to close the show off, in a throw back to last years conference. The guy who lost his arm last year returns and gets revenge by shooting the presenter on stage. It’s random as.

– Murr

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