E3 2018 – PC Gaming Conference Summary

We’ve had a half hour break after Ubisoft finished, and now we’re preparing for the PC Gaming show. Last year was the first time I personally stayed up to watch it and was quite surprised by what was on show. Here’s hoping it can be a nice surprise again this year.

The show starts with a nice montage about PC gaming and to not accept limits, don’t just play games, revel in them, unleash them and seriously is every game Battle Royal now? There’s magic in PC gaming, lets celebrate that magic together…

Sean Plott is our host for the show. This is the 4th straight year. We have a co-host too Frankie Ward to help the show too. There are over 30 games to show over the next 90 minutes.

Satisfactory is the first game we see and it’s a world exclusive. It looks like No Man’s Sky at first glimpse. As the trailer goes on it gets better and better, really pretty interested in this. After the trailer the game creator Oscar Jilsen explains what the game is. You’re sent to new planets to build factories on other planets to get the resources from them. You need to upgrade your factory equipment more and more to mine the more advanced resources. You might need oil to create the next stage of the factory, so you set out and build oil pumps. The factory can grow to be enormous. It’s played in a first person perspective rather than top down. Closed Alpha planned in the coming months.

Onto our first Indie title of the day. It’s called Neo Cab and it’s from Chance Agency.

Our next game is in the Battle Royal genre. It’s Maverick Proving grounds. CEO of Automaton Games James Thompson takes to the stage to discuss. The game takes place in a full world rather than a map. I didn’t quite catch it, but it sounded like the game features 1000 players rather than 100?

Forgotten City is our next game. It’s a re-imagining of an award winning mod.

Star Control Origins takes the stage next. Patrick Shaw takes the stage next. It’s an open universe action rpg. You can visit 1000s of planets and land on everyone. Sounds a bit like No Man’s Sky again. You can make your own ships and planets and add them online for others to use and explore. Will be launching September 20th.

Hunt Showdown from Crytek is next up.

Archangel: Hellfire – Coming out July 17th, Features destruvtibile maps. Free roaming PVP, Brutal Death matches with 6 mechs.

The next game Sinking City has the creator on stage discussing the game. There are no objectives on the map or hints in a pause menu to tell you where to go to progress or solve a clue, you need to deduct the clues yourself to progress with the investigation. There’s a mechanic called Sanity where your character will start to hallucinate if clues start to become to odd and cryptic.

Warframe features next, the next cinematic campaign is called The Sacrifice.

SEGA take the spotlight next. Best of Japan on PC.

PuyoPop Tetris
Shenmue 1&2 HD
Shining Resonance
Yakuza Kiwami
Valkyria 4
Yakuza Zero

We get an update on Killing Floor 2. Summer Side show is coming back. Treacherous Skies is the official name of the update.

TripWire will publish Road Redemption, and they also announce a new game. It’s called Maneater and you play as a Shark that terrorises beaches. It’s an open world action rpg. There is a shark skill tree and you can level up your shark. There is a full single player campaign.

Onto a slew 3 new games from one publisher. One game will be released today. They are called Untitled Publisher. Bravery Network Online, Morning Star & Overwhelm. Overwhelm released right now.

Frontier Development are up next and showing Jurassic World Evolution.

Insomniac are showing Stormland off next, and open world VR game. How do these guys find the time while working away on Spider-Man? You play as an Android gardener. You need to travel to repair yourself and save your friend. You explore freely with a set of android abilities. You can shoot lasers at the sky surface, climb cliff sides.

Onto our next Indie title. It’s a very stylish looking game set in Paris. It’s called Night Call

We just straight into our next game called Sable. You play as Sable, a girl leaving her home to explore. You travel on your hover-bike learning about the history and culture of the world. Art style is taken from inspiration from Studio Ghibli.

Star Citizen appears next, this has been in development since the first PC Gaming Show 4 years ago.

Next up is some discussion about hardware trends. I’m afraid readers this is where I get lost. I’m a console gamer (boo hiss) and have no idea what clocking at 144 and G-Sync means, So in this bit of the conference I’m off searching for the trailers for this post. Sorry readers.

Genesis Alpha One is the next game we get a look at. It’s about building a space-station, gaining resources from planets, scanning aliens and lifeforms. Essentially survive in Space.

A new update for an old yet classic game Don’t Starve is next. It’s called Don’t Starve Hamlet.

Just Cause 4 is up next. Been enjoying what I’ve seen of this so far.

Overkill Software & Starbreeze are up next and reveal the first footage of The Walking Dead. Launches November 6th for USA and November 8th for Europe.

And onto another Walking Dead Game, It’s Telltale’s Walking Dead The Final Chapter. The final game is out August 14th.

Over to our next indie title now. From Nolla Games, It’s called Noita.

A game I’m pretty keen on next, Two Point Hospital. This looks hilarious with illnesses such as Turtle Head Syndrome and Monobrow Syndrome. It’s coming out later in the year.

The 2nd Battle Royal game of the afternoon. Realm Royale is up next showcasing the classes and weapon forging. It’s currently free on Steam.

A game that was shown at last years show. Ooblets gets a fresh trailer to see the combat system. I loved the look of this game and got to play it at EGX Rezzed last year, so more information on this is very welcome.

Anno 1800 is the next trailer to play.

Another Battle Royal game, but a top down view of this genre now with a new game reveal. From Tiny Build and based on the webcomic Cyanide and Happiness. It’s called Rapture Rejects. It looks brilliant.

And onto our final game of the show. Hitman 2. It comes out November 13th.

Well that was one long show, with plenty of great games shown. Some here that I’ll be keeping an eye on for sure.

– Murr


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