E3 2018 – PlayStation Conference Summary

It’s late in the morning, but we’re onto my favourite show from past E3 weekends. This year featuring a look at 4 huge PS4 exclusives. Can’t wait for this one. Here’s what Sony showed off during their conference.

Unbelievably the PlayStation conference started 2 minutes earlier than normal. And it’s starting with some odd augmented reality stage show. It’s really weird.

The conference this year is in a much smaller venue and looks sort of like a church. It is a church, Shawn Layden just welcomed all to the church. Odd choice. Shawn says they’ve decided to mix it up this year at E3. Tonight rather than bombard with new creative, they’ll be giving us a deeper look at games we know of already. So basically what Sony warned us about in the PlayStation blog before E3.

Shawn welcomes someone to the stage who picks up a banjo. He starts playing a familiar riff, It’s got to be The Last of Us 2 kicking things off with this music surely? Once he finishes playing our first game starts. It is the Last of Us 2. And the opening scene is in a church that looks just like the one the audience are sat in for this show.

There is a long scene in the church with Ellie and unnamed friend dancing, it then changes to a scene outside in a wooded area with Ellie stabbing someone in the neck. Here we go, we’re now into game-play of The Last of Us 2, and woah boy does this look special.

Wow, so there is an intermission so the crowd can move to a new location. Looks like each game from the big 4 will have there own rooms for the demos.

During the intermission Shawn Layden confirmed that God of War will be getting a new game plus mode.

Ah so during these intermissions we will also be getting looks at other 3rd party games. While the guest in attendance are moved to their next room we get a look at Call of Duty Black Ops IIII. A new PS+ Game is being added tonight too. Call of Duty Black Ops III is coming to PlayStation Plus tonight.

A first look at the next chapter of Destiny 2 up next. A trailer for Forsaken which is coming out on September 4th.

Right we head back over to the press conference now in a new room with a bigger screen. A guy in traditional Japanese attire is on stage playing some very oriental sounding music. This is such a weird conference. But it’s not a surprise, It’s Ghost of Tsushima. Much like The Last of Us 2. this looks stunning. Good show Sucker Punch.

So this time round it doesn’t look like we’re moving venue, the screen changes and we get a tease of Dreams. The screen then goes black to show a figure who’s face we don’t see straight away. This looks like a new game, I have no idea what this is. It looks like Inception the video game, really. It’s called Control and it’s from Remedy and coming in 2019.

Another trailer now for what looks like another new game. You’re playing as something very small as you are climbing on a desk with an old PlayStation 1 on display. A fight breaks out and someone is trying to arrest someone else. HOLY SHIT. It’s Resident Evil 2 Remake. WOW. It looks stunning. It’s coming January 25th 2019.

It’s another teaser for Dreams, before a logo for Squanch games appears. The creators of Rick & Morty have made a new game and we’re getting a first look at it. It’s called Trover Saves The Universe, and the trailer is pretty damn funny.

We get a different Kingdom Hearts 3 trailer from what’s already been seen so far. This one features Captain Jack Sparrow and the Pirates cast, Toy Story characters & Monsters Inc characters as well as those revealed in previous trailers such as Frozen and Hercules. There is a special edition Kingdom Hearts PS4 releasing with KH3. And all previous KH games are now releasing in one package.

Another cute little Dreams tease, and now I think We’re onto Death Stranding. Yes we certainly are. Another game with stupidly good visuals in game-play. What we’ve seen so far must be pushing the PS4 to its very limits. Some stunning stuff.

Koei Temco logo comes up onto the screen next followed by a Team Ninja logo. Looks like another new game announcement. Wow, Holy shit it’s NioH 2.

And another little Dreams tease takes the stage before another trailer starts. It’s Spider-Man now. This looks absolutely incredible.

We get a little montage of what we’ve just seen, people applaud confused and then that’s that. It’s over.

After the show we hear that there is a new game announcement coming in the after show. A tad annoying.

UPDATE – The new game is from FROM Software and it’s a PlayStation VR Game. It’s Called Deracine.


– Murr


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