Geekly Review #244

The sun decided to stop shining for a while and we had a bit of a downpour. Terrible timing for Will who was off to a festival, but it resulted in a bit of time to play games. Here’s what we’ve been up to.

Gran Turismo Sport

As I continue to wait for the new games that will be released soon, I’ve reverted back to a game I got in April of this year. Gran Turismo Sport. it took me a while upon first playing it to adapt to the game, basically what I mean by that, is it took me a while to get good at getting to grips with the plethora of different vehicles available and how they handle. As rightly so, no cars handle the same especially the different variants of drive like front wheel, rear wheel or faithful 4 wheel drive vehicles. With that in mind and the break I’d had from the game, I was expecting to be back to square one and plainly putting it, sucking at it. Turns out though that this was not the case and thankfully I can continue progressing along nicely in the events at the level I was at before my break from the game.

I’m currently in money saving mode in the game as once of the recent updates for the game features a new Formula 1 series. I believe 6 races with high lap counts of 20 F1 cars. There was also the reveal of Lewis Hamilton’s Mercedes WO8 F1 car which looks simply stunning in Gran Turismo. So I fully intend on splashing all the in game currency I’ve acquired thus far on buying this and taking part in the F1 series. Perhaps a waste of the money I’ve acquired as I anticipate purchasing the actual F1 2018 game coming out in 2 weeks time. Never mind.

So with that I’m plugging away at the other minor race series, ticking off golds in the events and racing in cars with less BHP to gain a cap bonus on my event wins (win a race with a handicap, in this regard less powerful car and reap the rewards of increased XP for driver levelling up and in game money).


Red Dead Redemption 2

During the week we were blessed by Rockstar who brought us a 6 minute video of gameplay of RDR2, with a second video due to come before launch. You’d be correct in assuming that we think it looks absolutely stunning.


Super Smash Bros Ultimate

And before Rockstar spilt the goods with RDR2, Nintendo treated us to a Nintendo Direct specifically for Smash Bros. New characters were revealed that got a huge reaction, and brought down a forum I frequent on. Here’s the Direct, again, you’ve all probably watched, but watch it again and marvel at just how amazing this game is going to be. It begs the question of how can this Smash Bro’s be topped in future?


– Murr

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