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A huge thank you to The Zerathulu Review for nominating me for a Sunshine Blogger Award!

The rules

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You’re stuck on a desert island, and have to choose one video game character to help you survive. Who do you choose and why? 

I’d take Merrick from Sea of Thieves, the reasons being, 1, he has an awesome little drum we can play together. 2, he would have some fun stories to tell about being a pirate. But the most important reason is that people would come looking for him because he’s part of a quest where he is on an island. I’d then join the crews of people who came to talk to him and become a pirate on the open seas!

What’s your favourite line/quote from a game?

I think I have two. Firstly from the opening of Half Life 2 where G-Man is talking to you.

“Rise and shine, Mister Freeman. Rise and… shine. Not that I… wish to imply you have been sleeping on the job. No one is more deserving of a rest, and all the effort in the world would have gone to waste until… well, let’s just say your hour has… come again.

The right man in the wrong place can make all the difference in the world. So, wake up, Mister Freeman. Wake up and… *smell the ashes*…”

It was a great opening to an incredible game that I’d been so excited to play for years.

Then it’s probably the moment from the first Mass Effect game – which is probably my favourite game, where you first become a Spectre.

“Commander Shepard – step forward. It is the decision of the Council that you be granted all the powers and privileges of the Special Tactics and Reconnaissance branch of the Citadel. Spectres are not trained, but chosen. Individuals forged in the fire of service and battle; those whose actions elevate them above the rank and file. Spectres are an ideal, a symbol. The embodiment of courage, determination, and self-reliance. They are the right hand of the Council, instruments of our will. Spectres bear a great burden. They are protectors of galactic peace, both our first and last line of defense. The safety of the galaxy is theirs to uphold.You are the first human Spectre, Commander. This is a great accomplishment for you and your entire species.”

That moment felt truly epic and I loved it, honestly though, there were so many good quotes from those games that I could pick loads.

Mario has been fired from his job as a plumber. What job do you think Mario would be best-suited for?

He’s pretty nimble so maybe he could go in to gymnastics.

Your computer/console malfunctions and is about to bring the one video game villain/boss you fear the most into the real world. You cross your fingers and hope it’s not...

General Raam on insane difficulty from Gears of War. God lord he was tough to beat. Me and my friend beat him at about 3am at his house on a week night, it was tough to not shout to loud with joy!

Which video game character would be/is your favourite to cosplay as?

I’m not really one for cosplay, but it would be pretty cool to have a really good Destiny, Mass Effect, Master Chief armour set.

If you could go back in time to tell a game developer one thing,which developer/studio would you choose and what would you tell them?

I’d probably go and talk to Bioware before Mass Effect 3 came out. Just to let them know everyone would hate the current ending that they had planned. Personally I didn’t mind it all that much, but it tainted an incredible series of games and was basically that last thing people remember about the game.

Supersonic speed or the ability to fly?

Flying! No doubt I’d run in to something if I have Supersonic speed.

What’s the most number of times you’ve replayed a narrative-driven game?

I don’t tend to replay games all that much, if I do it’s probably only once or twice on a different difficulty. I guess it’s probably one of the Halo games though, I used to play through them a lot with friends on all the difficulties.

Which game would you most want to play in VR?

I’ve not really tried many games in VR, so I’d actually like to play loads, but I think it would be really cool playing Star Citizen in VR -when it’s finished… Flying from space to planets with that kind of immersion would be really cool I think.

Which upcoming new game are you buying the instant it gets released?

As we’re heading in to silly season with games there are a fair few I want. Destiny 2 Forsaken, Battlefield V, Ashen, Below, Fallout 76,  Two Point Hospital, SCUM are probably the most notable for me. Although I’m sure there are more.

You’re walking down a street when you come across a strange device lying on the floor…it’s Chell’s Portal Gun! Picking it up, what’s the first thing you decide to do with it?

In reality I’d actually be pretty terrified to use it, so I’d start off small, maybe throwing some small objects through it to see what happens.

Here are my nominations for the award!

Joey from AlunaRL

Both Matt and Nikki from Normal Happenings

Kris and Rachel From Double Jump

Luke from Start Your Meeples

Finally, Particlebit

Ok, now time for my questions for everyone to answer.

  1. What made you want to start writing?
  2. If you could go on a dream trip, all expenses paid, where would you go?
  3. What’s your favourite game?
  4. What’s the worst game you’ve ever played?
  5. If you could pick only one super power to have, what would it be and how would you use it?
  6. Favourite food?
  7. If you could go back in time and tell yourself one piece of advice, what would it be?
  8. What would be your dream job?
  9. If you could visit any world, either from a game, film, book etc… where would you go?
  10. Elon Musk phones you and asks if you want to be part of an expedition to Mars, it is a return trip, but you will be away for 5 years. Would you go, and why?
  11. Aliens have landed in your back garden what do you do?

Once again, thanks to The Zerathulu Review for the nomination, it’s always good to spread a bit of blogging love around!


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