Make colours not war…Well some war

When a game title shouts out at you as boldly and descriptive as ROCKETS ROCKETS ROCKETS does, you could be mistaken into thinking the manner of the game is sitting near a big red button ready to press it at anytime. Fortunately that’s not the case here.


Platforms: Windows, OSX, Linux, PS4 & Switch
Release Date: Switch 15/11/2018 – Other platforms 2015
Players: 1-4
Age Rating: 3+
Genres: Shooter, Arcade
Publisher: Radial Games
Developer: Radial Games
Price (Switch Version): £3.99

What do you do?

So if the title of the game doesn’t give too much away, the game has a very simple premise. You fly a rocket with the aim to destroy opposition rocket’s by firing….. you guessed it rockets.

Each player has 3 lives much like the battle modes of Mario Kart. Your aim is to hit the opposing rockets 3 times to destroy them. Sounds simple enough but it sure takes some time getting used to.

The controls despite being very basic 1 button action are quite tricky to master initially. More so getting to grips with the flight technique of the rockets than the button spamming to fire your rockets (are you already getting fed up of reading the word rocket?)

The result once the flight clicks however can result in some rather fun, colourful but small scale dog fights. You can loop, weave all with the colourful trail you make which results in a filled screen of bright patterns.

How big is the game?

The game features 5 modes.

Quick mode is split into 2 rockets or 3 rockets. 2 rockets is where you can play with 2 rockets for a fast and intense match against a friend or CPU, this is the standard 1-2 players.

3 rockets is tagged as underdog mode. The default setting pits you against 2 CPU players, but you can go crazy with free for all against friends or all CPU. This is the 1-3 player mode.

Party Mode is very much the same as 3 rockets, however this is the 4 player mode where you can continue to pit all CPU against you or again set up for free for all.

The surprise mode is called Zen mode. In this mode there is no frantic battles, but the game lets you simply fly the rockets around the maps enabling you to change the colours of your jet streams via different buttons while drawing pretty pictures.

The final mode is the Tournament mode which is at it sounds, where you create tournaments against CPU or with friends to progress to the final.

As well as the 5 modes available, the game also offers 6 variants of map. From a standard default map with objects that your rocket can collide into or if clever enough take refuge behind, to a level named asteroid field which as suggests consists of the battle taking place in an contested asteroid field which will require you to concentrate on dodging incoming asteroids as well as opposition fire. 

How does it look?

The game looks completely psychedelic. It’s really quite striking as the more congested battles progress longer and longer thus resulting in battle-zones resembling rainbows. The variance in levels also really aid to the game as each has a unique different scenario occurring whilst also remaining a neon bright colour.

And what a soundtrack it has! It perfectly fits the vibrant neon levels and carnage that the rockets are causing upon the maps.

It’s definitely more suited to be played while the Switch is docked however. Even on single player to be honest. There were instances when playing against 3 other CPU where the players were all so spread out that the screen zoomed out an awful lot resulting in losing sight of your rocket on occasions.

Pros and Cons

+ What an awesome soundtrack
+ Striking and colourful visuals

+ Easy and quick pick up and play multi-player

– This game isn’t engaging as a single player experience
– Can be hard to distinguish players on occasions
– Maybe a few more maps for multiplayer could squeeze more play-ability out of it.

The verdict

Much like Sky Scrappers which I previously reviewed for the Switch, this game’s strength is definitely found within multiplayer. Despite a decent number of modes for single player, you tire battling CPU really rather quickly.

Visually it’s really quite something with a soundtrack that perfectly compliments the game.

From a price perspective it’s less than a pint. If you happen to enjoy gaming sessions at home with friends and a crate of beer, it’s worth the punt for the price for one night of playing, and you’ll most likely include it in your next multiplayer gaming session even if only for 2 or 3 rounds, so it’s win win in that regard.

Just play it with the Switch docked.

5 thoughts on “ROCKETS ROCKETS ROCKETS – Switch Review

  1. Awesome review dude. I was looking at this one as a local game to play in the house, do you know if you can play just using one side of the controllers? £60 for another switch controller set is a lot when technically you won’t ever use it!

    • Good question man, and probably something I should have checked out and added to the review. Woops. Just checked for you and you can indeed play using one of the side controllers. So your set for at least 2 player games as default 👍🏽

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