Geekly Review #268

Before we get in to this week’s round up a little update from myself is in order.

I’m starting a new job in a week’s time and it may cause a little disruption to my time for writing and generally playing games. I’m not sure how much of a disruption at the moment, but I don’t see it being a massive, but it will probably mean that I will be writing a little less for a short while whilst I settle.

Right then, that’s the boring stuff, now on to games, although it’s a bit of a short one this week.


Yes, I wrote about Anthem last week after playing the VIP demo. This weekend just gone gave everyone the opportunity to jump in and try the demo out. But weirdly I just didn’t really feel like playing it and that kind of says a lot of about the game.

I’m still going to try the full game once it releases, mainly because I will still have some time left on my Origin subscription, and I really hope that the full game will feel a lot more engaging. But so far, I’m just not that in to it. Sure, I had some fun playing it and the gameplay was fine, but it’s the other issues, the ones that may not seem so big when you look at them individually, but when you group them all up there are some real problems I think. I don’t think this is going to be a smooth launch at all.

There is one thing that Anthem did solidify though, and that’s just how good the gun play is…. in Destiny.

Destiny 2

It’s been a while since I’ve played Destiny, the life cycle for this game always goes like that for me. I’ll play it for a while then take a break, then jump back on when new things happen.

Well new things have happened and it’s a quest for an Exotic Hand Cannon. You non Destiny fans might be a bit confused about people getting excited for a quest for one gun. But The Last Word was an extremely popular gun in Destiny 1, plus the trailer (yes it had it’s own trailer) for it all but confirmed the return of another D1 staple, Thorn.

Personally I probably preferred Hawkmoon, but whatever. The quest for The Last Word is here and jumping back on to Destiny just feels so smooth and so satisfying to play. In comparison Anthem feels clunky and rusty.

I’m still hopeful that Anthem will turn out well, I just think it might take a little while for it to find it’s feet, just like Destiny did…


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