Geekly Review #269

A stealth release of a new Battle Royal game occurred last week and has since taken the gaming world by storm. It’s no secret or surprise to read then that we too are slightly obsessed with this new phenomenon…

Apex Legends

Yup, this game has certainly got me. I’m not usually fond of the Battle Royal genre. Perhaps that’s an unfair statement however as I’ve never put any hours into PUBG, H1Z1 and only ever dipped my toes into Fortnite for one evenings session. But seeing as the world was going up in flames about Apex Legends, I figured why not try it.

Well I’m glad I did as It’s taken over my PS4 play time quite dramatically now. That sadly doesn’t translate to me being any good at the game, quite the opposite to be honest. I’ve put some good hours into the game but with Wraith my bestie I’m only able to boast 4 kills total, with one 3rd place and one 2nd place to my name. It’s not impressive, but it doesn’t mean I’m not having fun.

I played through the tutorial upon first starting the game, however whilst playing it had my 3 month old son fussing for attention on my lap, so the mechanics were pretty glossed over and soon forgotten. When entering Apex properly I found myself really struggling with just how on earth to play the game and use abilities, completely on me for just jumping in with a hazy recollection of the tutorial. So after re-doing that and watching some players stream their time I went back in a tad more confident and comfortable with it.

I’m still yet to fully exploit Wraiths abilities and in honesty my reasoning to pick her were more about her character aesthetically looking than her abilities, I think she looks bad ass. So I’ll continue to stick with her and try get that first win while increasing the kill tally.

Really enjoying it and the atmosphere when being dropped with the excellent soundtrack is brilliant. I do always tense up when I’m the Jumpmaster as you’re held responsible for dropping into a shitty area. But not had any complaints as of yet at least. Onwards into Apex I go trying to better Wraiths current tallies.

Division 2 Beta

I also got a few hours to play the Beta for Division 2. To be honest my thoughts of this are very much the same as Division 1. It’s not really for me. I wasn’t particularly hooked on the missions played during the Beta and I wasn’t overly keen on multiplayer in Division 1. It was nice to try it and reaffirm my suspicion though that Division just isn’t for me.

Riot: Civil Unrest & City of Brass Reviews

I was fortunate enough to be offered review keys for Riot: Civil Unrest for PS4 and City of Brass for Nintendo Switch. 2 Completely different games but both sharing instances of frustration be it lack of tutorial or just terrible controls. Check out the reviews for Riot: Civil Unrest & City of Brass below to see if they sound like your sort of game.

Riot: Civil Unrest Review

City of Brass Review

– Murr

Apex Legends

We all know that I love a Battle Royale game so it’s pretty obvious that I would be playing this from the moment it dropped. The thing is, is a lot of BR games haven’t really got me that interested recently, but just like Murr I’m alos hooked on Apex Legends. I’ve managed to grab a few wins too!

I’ve put together a video of my thoughts of the game. It came out of nowhere and is a very, very solid entry to the genre!

Fear The Wolves

Another Battle Royale for you now, but this one is kind of at the other end of the spectrum because no one is really playing it, let alone talking about it. But it’s had a free trial week and I wanted to give it a fair shot! Again, I put my thoughts in to video form. It was a rocky start for this game, but I actually think it’s a really solid BR game now. Definitely check it out if you like the genre.


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