Geekly Review #277

This past weekend I took a trip to London to attend EGX Rezzed whilst Murr suns himself on holiday. It was a great weekend for being a nerd!


I’ve also been playing a fair amount of Spellbreak over the past few weeks after I was accepted to be part of their content creators programme. I haven’t spoken about the game until now mainly because I’ve been pretty terrible at it. But I recently put together a video of my thoughts on the Magical Battle Royale game over on my YouTube channel.

EGX Rezzed

As I said it was also EGX Rezzed last week and I spent three days their being a nerd a loving it!

I plan to write a few posts dedicated to some of my highlights, but thought I’d just share a few thoughts on the overall expo and the games I enjoyed.

Firstly, I felt like it was a bit smaller this year in terms of areas to play games, there were extra areas for talks and it felt like there was less stuff going on in the downstairs areas. However there were still a decent number of new games to try out plus quite a lot of games returning from previous years.

My highlights were most definitely, Anno 1800 of which I played twice and went to watch the developer session about the game too, it’s just so beautiful and was really fun to play. The amount of detail packed in the environment was amazing.

Then over in the ID@xbox area Void Bastards left me with a good impression, I didn’t get to play it loads – probably only about 10 minutes but it seemed really cool. It reminded me of FTL but with the addition of FPS gameplay. You travel through a star map, jumping to various areas, but at certain points there are ships that you can board and this is where the FPS gameplay comes in. You plan your mission with what weapons to take with you based on the info you’re given – I’m guessing certain weapons work well against certain enemies, but I didn’t get that deep. You then board the ship and have time limit to explore it and gather resources and treasures. It has an awesome comic book style to it and the gameplay seemed fun. I will keep an eye on it for sure!

I wanted to spend some more time in the table top area this year, but going solo means it can be a little tricky to get to play some games, thankfully the Asmodee crew were on hand to demo some games with me. I played Tokyo Highway and Keyforge, both of which were really fun games and both of which I now want to pick up!

Warhammer Chaosbane was good fun, and if you like Diablo, you’ll probably enjoy it.

My Friend Pedro was great, in fact all of the games in the Devolver Digital area seemed good and it was a very popular area all weekend.

All in all it was a good show, I do kind of feel like with the amount of returning games from last year that maybe you could get away with going once every two years, or maybe just do a day each year to catch the new stuff. Even still it was fun and despite the returning games I’ll still go again next year!


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