World of Warcraft Classic: The hype is real

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  1. Pete Davison says:

    It will be interesting to see how well this does. “New” WoW is the established template for current MMOs, including its main competitor Final Fantasy XIV — so there must be something to that formula. Yet I know there’s a hunger for how things were done in the “good old days”.

    I’m currently playing Final Fantasy XI — a game even older than WoW, but which has been made much more solo-friendly in its more recent years — and there’s a significant portion of players who would prefer the option to play in its older, more social-centric incarnation.

    WoW Classic is a good approach to this: offer players the option. If you like New WoW, go ahead and keep enjoying it. If you pine for the good old days, play WoW Classic. Or hey, do both! 🙂

    1. rosstpope says:

      Definitely, having it part of the same subscription was a good move. I guess it’s blizzard saying “we don’t mind which game you play, as long as you’re subbed to something!”.

      I think we’ll see a massive hype on launch, and for a few weeks following on from that. The grind of hitting level cap will definitely put some people off, some might get bored and others just simply might not have time.

      Personally, I don’t have enough time to raid as an active World of Warcraft player, and with several characters at cap I find myself hitting a soft cap of progression limited by the fact I can’t commit to a guild. I’m hoping with Classic I’ll enjoy the rewarding grind of levelling and running random dungeons. We’ll see.

      Also thanks for reading 🙂

  2. Angie says:

    Lok’tar, friend. I started playing back in Wrath and totally missed classic. I’m very interested to check out vanilla! Thank you for the review I’m the subject. It’s been off my radar.

    1. rosstpope says:


      Great news! I’m gonna try and do a few more posts over the months running up to release. I’ll be sure to share the servers/faction we role so we could get some community groups up and running!

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