Community roundup #3

It’s time to share some more love from the gaming world in another roundup of community content!

Video Game Culture: Crash Course

Backlog Crusader explores the shift of video game culture in the mainstream media.

“When am I not competitive? When I don’t think I can win”

E-Sports host and Twitch Streamer Frankie talks about her daily occurrences of sexism, not just in the gaming industry but basically her whole life.

I actually was watching some of her stream and it’s disgusting how some people talk to her or about her and I’m 100% certain that many others experience the same thing. It’s abhorrent and attitudes need to change.

Total War: Three Kingdoms Review

Total War: Three Kingdoms is out this week and Chris Tapsell from Eurogamer give us his thoughts. I’m very tempted to get it.

My Near-Impossible Challenge to Catch Every Shiny Pokémon in Let’s Go

Laura Kate Dale attempts the (probably) impossible and is trying to catch every shiny Pokemon!


Some of you may or may not have seen this event last year run by Failbetter Games, but it’s essentially an Indie love-in where people share (mostly) reviews for indie games that they love, whether they be new or old. We will be taking part in this years event which starts 3rd June and runs for two weeks. We will be bringing you a whole load of indies that we love and even a few that aren’t actually out yet, but we’re pretty sure we will love!

We’re very excited to be taking part in it, and if you want to as well then you can, there is a bit of a guide here, but essentially you just need to talk about Indie Games!

That does it for now, if you have anything interesting or cool you’d like to share with us, then come to talk to us on Twitter.


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  1. The article about the young lady being discriminated against was an interesting read and it’s unfortunate that women have to go through that pretty much on a daily basis

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