Geekly Review #284

This week has a very heavy theme of shooters for some reason…

Insurgency: Sandstorm

Insurgency: Sandstorm was one of my favourite games of last year and is still pretty high up the list for current favourite games that I’m keeping on a bit of a cycle. The intense and brutal FPS has some really tense and epic gameplay to it.

Last week saw the release of the latest patch which brought along with a few new things, mainly a new map and a new hardcore checkpoint game mode. The checkpoint game is the co-operative game mode that sees you working as a team to make your way through a map capturing points and holding off enemies from counter attacks. It’s really intense, leads to some amazing fire fights and last ditch efforts to capture points when your supplies and men are dwindling.

The hardcore version basically just makes it harder. If you die you only re-spawn with a mosin and pistol, if you want better guns you’ll have to find take them from your downed enemies or allies, or find the rare boxes that let you fully replenish your gear. It’s a really fun mode and I’ve been having loads of fun jumping back in to the game!

World War 3

Another game that has recently had a pretty sizeable update is World War 3, the modern military FPS released to a somewhat rocky launch and fairly quickly lost most of its player base. Slowly but surely updates have been coming and making the game better and players have also been returning too.

I’ve taken a bit of time to see how it’s fairing in it’s current state and must say that it’s pretty solid. When I first played it the performance and connection was the main issues, but that seems to be resolved from what I’ve seen and now we have a pretty stable and very fun FPS game that kind of fills that modern Battlefield void that some players might be missing. I honestly think with the players starting to come back this could develop in to a really good shooter.

It seems like a lot of work has gone in to the game over the last few months since I last played it and I’ve had a really good time playing it again. If you were one of those who played it and left, now might be a good time to come back too!

Void Bastards

It’s finally releasing this week, I can’t say much about it because it’s under embargo but on the 28th at 5pm I will have a video live on my YouTube channel of the first 30 minutes of the game, so if you want to watch that go check out my channel!


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