E3 2019 – Bethesda Conference Summary

A late one for us Brits to cover. 1:30am. After the year Bethesda have had with the Fallout from 76 (pun intended) they’d need to be back on form to regain some trust from gamer’s. Here’s how Bethesda’s E3 2019 went.

As is the case with these shows now, we’re starting with an introduction video from the developers, thanking the players. It went on for quite a while… not what I wanted at 1:30am.

Pete Hines, Global marketing director is on stage first. He reminds us what we’ve been playing over the last year. Sounds like we’ll be listening to fans throughout the show as it seems to be very focused on thanking the fans.

Todd Howard is introduced to the stage now. Will he apologise for Fallout 76? Probably not. Over 60m players across Bethesda titles in the last year. Onto Fallout 76 first…”Had a lot of difficulties at launch, we got a lot of well deserved criticism”.

Quick switch to Elder Scrolls Blades. Hand over to Project Leader and Art Director of the game who will be providing us to updates for Blades.

Solo Arena Battles, Custom jewellery system, New Dragon quest line. All comes out tonight. Blades is coming to an all new platform. Nintendo Switch. It’s coming Fall 2019, It’ll remain free for Switch. It features cross play and progression with mobile.

Over to Project Leader and studio director to discuss Fallout 76 updates. First large update is called ‘Wastelander’. Coming fall 2019 and free for current 76 players. Human NPC’s are finally coming to Fallout 76. Full dialogue trees also added.

Fallout 76 will have a week long free trial starting tomorrow.

A sneak peak at an all new game mode for Fallout 76 is shown next. It’s called Nuclear Winter. It’s a 52 player Battle Royal Mode.

Todd Howard is back to the stage. He reminds us everything shown so far is free. He reminds us they are still working on Starfield and Elder Scrolls 6.

Shinji Mikami comes to the stage next, another rumoured leak game might well be shown. Ghostwire Tokyo is announced, and it is another game that leaked yesterday. Ikumi Nakamura comes to the stage next to give us details about Ghostwire Tokyo. She is rather annoying, but it might just be that I’m tired.

We get a trailer for it and it looks incredible to be honest.

After Ghostwire Tokyo a trailer of gamers confessing their love for Bethesda plays. Once that finishes Matt Firor of Elder Scrolls online takes the stage next. World premiere of next ESO update, It’s called Dragonhold. Scalebreaker another update is also releasing in August.

Another online game is about to revealed now, a classic Saturday morning cartoon but int he form as a free to play online mobile game. It’s called commander Keen. It’ll be out on IOS and Andriod. It’s put this summer.

Pete Hines is back now, to discuss Fallout Shelter. I’m struggling with the conference now. I thought it was Fallout Shelter, I Swear he said it was, but no, it’s Elder Scrolls Legends. My bad. Next expansion will be out in June.

Onto some new content for Rage 2. Rise of the ghosts expansion. And lots of new enemies, vehicles and a mech. New cheats also being added.

Wolfenstein next to shine, Jerk Gustaffson Executive producer of the game is up to show us Wolfenstein: Cyber Pilot the VR inspired game. It’ll be out this July. 2 New Wolfenstein games. Youngblood will be releasing in the summer. Youngblood is a co-op Wolfenstein game. It’s set in 80’s 2 decades after new colossus. It’s out on 26th July.

A new FPS Action game is due to be revealed by Arkane Lyon. It’s called Deathloop.

And onto another fan video.

Next up it seems to be a innovation display. Discussing that Bethesda created the first FPS and first to bring mods to consoles. Developed the first VR headset apparently? “Innovation and creativity are in our DNA”. We’re introduced to ORION.

ORION is some form of streaming service? Stadia and XCloud are name dropped. Streams games at 4K resolution at 60fps. Streaming DOOM 2016 live on stage via ORION to a mobile.

And I think we’re now onto DOOM Eternal. It’ll be releasing on November 22nd. Collectors edition is revealed.

We’re onto a look at the DOOM Eternal Battlemode next.

Pete Hines is back out to wrap the show up now. Right, I’m off to bed as it’s 2:49am.

– Murr

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