E3 2019 – Devolver Digital Conference Summary

A highlight for the past few years, Devolver Digital take the traditional E3 presentation, flip it on it’s head and then present the results. Hopefully 2019 is no different. Here’s how Devolver Digitals conference went. But a bit of notice, this was on at 3am British time, so was not watched live, that’s why it’s a bit late to be published.

It picks up from where the previous conference left it, the bloody body of Nina Struthers. Shes’s pronounced dead. We are then presented to a rebuilt Nina Struthers. “Press conferences are a thing of the past now, many companies aren’t even doing them anymore”.

The first ever Devolver Direct, is taking place in Nina Struthers mind. She rips the throat out of her colleague.

First trailer is from Media Tonic. It;s called Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockoff. It’s out early 2020 for PS4 & PC. It kinda reminds me of Gangbeasts.

The next spoof of the video game market is Devolver Bootleg. Their own game store front. Available now on Steam.

The conference is getting weird as a large alien bug called Carrion Beast breaks out of the co-presenter.

A world premiere of the game Carrion is up next.

It’ll be on PC and Console in 2020.

Devolver are attempting to now break the arcade market. Enter the Gungeon: House of the Gundead out in arcades in 2020. I can’t tell how many of these are legit or not?

The messenger picnic panic is the next reveal. A free expansion for Switch, PS4 coming soon.

The announcements are coming fast now as the next game My Friend Pedro is shown with release date of June 20th for Switch and PC.

And that’s the end of a weird 3rd chapter of the Devolver Digital press conferences.
– Murr

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  1. Devolver is always fun to watch and they always have cool looking games, but I was honestly mostly interested in when Pedro was coming out. And it’s damn soon!

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