E3 2019 – PC Gaming Show Conference Summary

We start with a little intro covering what’s coming up, and are then introduced to our hosts for the evening, Sean ‘day9’ Plott and Frankie Ward.

The first game to kick off today’s show is Evil Genius 2 World Domination.

Vampire: The Masquerade Bloodlines 2 is up next. We get to see a little bit of gameplay footage in an extended trailer.

Starmancer is the next game and it looks like it will suit those looking to get stuck in to some colony building games.

On the stage now we have John Gibson and Steve Piggott to introduce a collaboration between Tripwire and Torn Banner Studios – Chivalry 2.

On to the next game, we get a trailer for the moody looking Mosaic coming in 2019 and apparently accompanied by a mobile app.

Next up is Midnight Ghost hunt and game that has being quietly developing over the last few months. As the name suggests it involves ghosts and hunting them and night. You sign up for the alpha here.

The developer of the game Sam Malone is on stage to talk through some of the details of the game. It’s kind of a bit like prop hunt, but spookier and with more gadgets to help you hunt ghosts.

Unexplored 2 The Wayfarers Legacy is up night with it’s very distinct colour palette and visual style. It looks really beautiful.

Tech talk time, talking about a new Samsung monitor. It’s a 27 inch curved monitor up to 240hz. It looks very nice, but I’m not all that techie so probably best you look it up for yourself if you’re interested.

It will be out in July for under $400 which sounds fairly reasonable. No $1000 stand in sight.

Funcom are on stage now with what’s coming next from them.

-Seed of Evil DLC for Mutant: Year Zero – 30th July
– Conan Unconquered which is already out
– Moons of Madness coming Halloween 2019 to XB1 PC and PS4

Finally from Funcom we have Conan Chop Chop… Yes, that’s a real name. It looks like a pretty fun 2D rouge-like hack & slash game.

Last Oasis is going to be the next game shown, coming to Steam Early Access this year.

The next game is Age of Wonders Planetfall releasing 6th August 2019 a 4X strategy game. It’s coming to PC and consoles.

The next game up is a world exclusive trailer for Zombie Army Dead War 4. It looks like it will be a lot of crazy fun.

These little mini breaks are getting pretty annoying now…

On to the next game though, we have Remnant from the Ashes, it’s a co-op action shooter set on an apocalyptic world. This looks like a really good game. It features a dynamic generation system that makes the game play very differently whenever you play it.

The release date is 20th August on PC, Xbox One and PS4 with early access to the game on 16th August if you pre-order.

Another game now, one that was first shown 2 years ago – Griftlands from Klei Entertainment, it’s coming 11th July to the Epic Games Store. I remember the first time seeing it and loving the visual style, it still looks great.

Planet Zoo is up next with Piers Jackson and Liesa Bauwens on stage to talk through some of the game. Planet Zoo is trying to go for a realistic feel to looking after animals in a zoo. If you like Planet Coaster I think you’ll love this too!

It will be releasing on 5th November 2019

A special guest is up next – Shenmue creator Yu Suzuki and we get a world exclusive look at Shenmue 3, a lot of love for this game for obvious reasons. 19th November 2019 is when you’ll be able to play it! It’s an Epic Store and PS4 exclusive.

Songs of Conquest is the game shown. It has a really nice looking 8-bit visual style that I really like the look of. But it won’t be out until late 2020, but you sign up for the alpha here.

To the world of Warhammer now as we take a look at what is next for Vermintide 2. A new mode announced where you can play as the Rat men in the new versus mode.

Up next we have Per Aspera coming in 2020 a game where you will be colonising Mars.

Patrice Desilets is next on the stage showing off Ancestors The Humankind Odyessy a game of survival and evolution. It will be releasing 27th August 2019

An advert for the Epic Game Store now and what will be coming to it in a slick montage.

Loring Lee from Dragonest is on stage introducing the game Auto Chess.

Next up we have an ‘inspired indie game’ and a world exclusive reveal of Cris Tales.

The next trailer to be shown is a game with a lot of heavy metal in it – Valfaris- there is literally moshing in the trailer, keep an eye out for it.

Now have a real big hitter with Borderlands 3.

Maneater is the next game a game about being a shark and eating people and it’s coming out sometime in the next year.

A quick PC chair advert now. Do you need better gaming skills? This chair will increase your K/D ratio by at least 2… maybe. (they didn’t say this)

Terraria is up next with a new expansion called Journeys End.

Next we have the spiritual successor to ‘Hey Story’ called Telling Lies. You will spend your time watching video clips to find clues to help you build the story. No date for release just yet, but we’re told it’s ‘very soon’.

Now we’re moving on to the looter shooter Warframe and it’s next expansion. It’s called Empyrean. You’ll get to see more at Tenno Con.

Moving fairly swiftly on we have a pretty bonkers looking game called Genesis Noir, but it looks interesting!

El Hijo is up next, it’s a stealthy western style sneaking game, we played it briefly earlier in the year and it was good fun and look lovely too.

The final game of the show is Baldurs Gate 3, this should be really interesting, a lot of hype for this already even though it was only just announced.

The reveal trailer from the other day doesn’t give away and unfortunately that’s all they really want to talk about at the moment. But we do get to hear a couple of bits.

-They used the 5th edition D&D handbook as a basis.
-There will be lots of freedom for the systems and what you’ll be able to do
-They want to create an experience as close to D&D as possible
-There is a tabletop prequel coming to Baldurs Gate
-Release time frame is still unknown simply stated as ‘When it’s ready’

And with that, another show is done. The PC gaming show has never usually been one for huge reveals and really this one wasn’t much different. Some good looking projects, but nothing too mind blowing.

We will be covering the rest of the shows so don’t forget to come back for those round-ups.


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    • I thought Genesis Noir looked cool, Cris Tales is probably not my kind of game. I briefly played Midnight Ghost Hunt a while back and it was pretty good fun although very early stages then. Could be fun for a while if you enjoy those games. Nice to see smaller titles getting the chance to showcase on bigger stages though!

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