E3 2019 – Ubisoft Conference Summary

So we’re onto one of the big 3rd party publishers now with Ubisoft. Expect to see Watch Dogs 3. And will there be a surprise Splinter Cell appearance at the end? Here’s how the Ubisoft E3 event went.

The conference starts off with an Assassins Creed Symphony. A worldwide tour of the music from Assassins Creed is confirmed. Plenty of memorable music performed.

Straight into Watch_Dogs Legion which was leaked prior to the conference. It’s set in London and looks quite cool. Seems you have to hire crew members with specialities for different technical expertise such as drones.

Seems that there are decisions that can be made such as surrendering or resisting arrest.

Permadeaths to members of the crew appear to be introduced, this does look really interesting.

Helen jumping over barriers and holding guards at gun point is an amusing site to see.

It is Watch_Dogs Legion. Every cinematic in the game changes depending on which operative you play as. Want to make a team of classic British spy’s, hooded kids, hipsters. Any team you want. Play as anyone. It’s available March 6th 2020. A lot sooner than I anticipated.

Rob McElhenney is on stage next to discuss about wanting to make a TV show about and involving gaming. Their show takes place in the world of Mythic Quest. He is playing Creative Director Ian Grimm in this new TV show. We’re about to get a brief-look at the show now. Mythic Quest Ravens Banquet.

Onto year 4 of Rainbow Six Siege. 13th Season Operation Phantom Sight starts tomorrow. A look at the new season now


The cartoon Adventure Time is on screen next. Adventure time comes to Brawlhalla. Available today

Ghost Recon: Breakpoint is next.

A Ghost Recon community program DELTA Company is launching.

Next to the stage is executive producer of Ubisoft Paris. The Ghost Recon Beta launches on 5th September. There was some Terminator tease, but we have no context as to why.

Onto a mobile phone game now, it features characters from most Tom Clancy games, even Sam Fisher.

Yay… onto Dance Dance. Coming this November


New limited time event update for, For Honor.

Next up what looks like a new game, a new Zombie game? Is it ZombiU sequel? Nope, it’s Rainbow Six Quarantine. The next Rainbow Six game… Quarantine.

Onto a look at another game that has already released, The Division 2. You can play for free for a week from 13th to 16th June. Episode 1 update contains new missions and experience of missions taking place outside of the city, and in the woodlands. In Episode 2 the Pentagon features. Episode 3 sees the return of New York

There is also a movie in production. The Division Movie, it’s being made with Netflix and stars Jake Gylenhall. No preview though.

Up next is a Ubisoft Subscription service… yes. UPlay+ is a new subscription service. It’s only on PC. It’ll be $14.99 per month. Sign up today for free access for a month in September. In 2020 uPlay+ will be available on Stadia.

A new game is revealed now (which leaked prior to the show), It’s called Roller Champions. It’s available to play today via uPlay on PC for the next few days via a demo.

Onto the stage now is the big dog, Yves Guillemot. And one more thing perhaps? He gives a thank you to everyone for playing their games.

A new project is being announced. Marc-Alexis Cote is called to the stage to make the reveal. It’s called Gods and Monsters and it’ll be out in February 2020.

And that’s the end of that. This E3 is really not inspiring thus far.
– Murr

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