E3 2019 – Nintendo Direct Summary

And just like that, the E3 conferences are done for the year, or they will be once we’ve had our 40 Minute Nintendo Direct. A lot of mixed feelings this E3, can Nintendo deliver the magic that we come to expect? Here’s how their E3 Direct went.

Looks like first up is Smash Bro’s DLC. Who’s joining the battle now?

The Hero Draws Near. DragonQuest get representation in Smash Bros. There’s a huge Dragon Quest representation in Smash with seemingly 4 new characters. Summer 2019 they’ll be in the game.

And with that we’re onto a Dragon Quest trailer now. DragonQuest XI Echo of an Elusive Age S. It’s coming on September 27th.


We’re introduced to Doug Bowser in the form of a joke in the direct with Bowser wearing a tie and assuming he was to be in the direct.

Onto Luigi’s Mansion 3 now. No specific date, just available in 2019.

Next trailer has a Netflix logo in the bottom right corner. Looks like a Dark Crystal game, based on the new show? Dark Crystal age of Resistance tactics.

Straight to our next trailer, it’s Legend of Zelda: Links Awakening. Love the style of this. Looks like there is a dungeon creator mode included in this game? Chamber dungeons, explore them to your hearts content. Coming September 20th 2019

Square-Enix logo is centre of our next trailer. Trials of Mana is getting a global release on Nintendo Switch., Coming early 2020. The original 3 Mana games are now available on the Nintendo Switch as Collection of Mana.

Next game up is a big one. The Witcher III: Wild Hunt is coming to Nintendo Switch. Coming in 2019.

Think we’re onto Fire Emblem next. Fire Emblem: Three Houses. July 26th 2019.

Oooh, Looks like Resident Evil for Switch is next? Appears to be Resident Evil Remake. 5 and 6 are coming to Switch.

A new game that I’m not familiar with or sure if it’s already been revealed is up next. A little later into the trailer it becomes clear it’s No More Hero’s related. It’s No More Heros 3, coming in 2020.

No idea what this next game is, but looks like a multiplayer game. Contra, Rouge Corps , releasing September 24th 2019.

Contra Collection is available on eShop later today too.

Daemon x Machina trailer is up next. Coming September 13th 2019.

A Panzer Dragoon game looking game is up next. It is Panzer Dragoon, coming this Winter.

We’re moving onto Pokemon Sword and Shield now. Hype. They’ll be launching in November 2019. The Ball from Pokemon Let’s Go is compatible with Sword and Shield.

A shift in gears from Pokemon now. Another game I’m not familiar with us up next. Again perhaps something that may have already been revealed, but I’m seriously losing touch with my Nintendo reveals as of late. It’s Astral Chain due out on 30th August.

Next up is Empire of Sin coming in 2020.

Now the Marvel Game I’m actually more interested in over Avengers, Ultimate Alliance 3 is up next. Coming July 19th.

Cadence of Hyrule next coming 13th June I think I saw?

With Olympics coming up, Mario and Sonic are at it again competing for glory only on Switch. Mario and Sonic at the Tokyo Olympic games. Out November 19th.


Now a follow up to a game fans have been waiting for. Animal Crossing… It’s Animal Crossing… YAY. Oh wow, you grow crops, I’m sold already. march 20th 2020, Animal Crossing New Horizons.

Here’s a highlight reel of whats coming next.

Hollow Knight Silk Song
Ni No Kuni
Minecraft Dungeons
Elder Scrolls Blades
My Friend Pedro
Doom Eternal
The Sinking City
Wolfenstein Youngblood
Dead by Daylight
Alien Isolation
Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles
Dragonquest Builders 2
Just Dance 2020
Super Luckys Tale
Super Mario Maker 2

We’re back to Smash Bros now. BANJO Kazooie teased by Duck hunt dog. What a tease. And then…. Here he is…or they are… Banjo Kazooie are in smash. Fall 2019.

We have one more thing to see. We’re ending on Zelda, Breath of the Wild sequel now in development. WOW…. just WOW.

That ladies and gentlemen was a great way to redeem E3. Well done Nintendo, that had me entertained throughout. Some absolutely stunning games on show.
– Murr

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