The GSRR Steam curator page

Here at Geek Sleep Rinse Repeat we’re always looking for ways to help people find the right games for them, be that through reviews, guides or recommendations our goal is often to give our fellow gamers some insight into whether or not a game might be for them.

Enter our Steam Curator Page

To help our friends out a little bit more, we’ve setup a Geek Sleep Rinse Repeat Steam curator page that you can follow, and see all of our different recommendations be it the latest indie games, our favourite survival games or even just our favourite multiplayer party games (of which we have many).

Our request to you

Go and give it a follow!

Once you follow the page, you’ll see our latest recommendations, any broadcasts about upcoming games and notifications for when those games are on sale!

As always, whether you follow or not, we’re always incredibly grateful to all of our readers and followers.


2 thoughts on “The GSRR Steam curator page

  1. I have to admit I don’t tend to game on Steam that much after the QA dropped significantly, but I do think the curator system is an interesting one. Supporting the indie scene is a great cause considering the press doesn’t seem interested in doing so these days.

    • Yea we’re certainly on Steam less and less, but it’s certainly our go-to for most Indie games. If nothing else it’ll be a good place to store useful lists to support any articles we might put together for our favourite indie games in specific genres etc..

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