Geekly Review #296

It’s September which means we’ve officially hit the silly season for video games. It’s only a few days until the big hits start coming and it isn’t going to stop until Christmas. But that does mean lots to play and write about!

Let’s check out what we’ve been up to this week.

World of Warcraft Classic

I’ve jumped in to the World of Warcraft universe to see what all the fuss is about, I’m currently level 9 and I must say I’ve been enjoying my time pottering around Durotar and other areas. If you want to keep up with my adventures I will be documenting them as I play and published the first part at the end of last week.

Check that out here.

Destiny 2

The next expansion to Destiny 2 is almost upon us which means I’ve been kind of feeling the desire to play it again. At the moment I’m just trying to catch up with a lot of the older quests I have kicking about, things like the Forges – which I haven’t completed.

Destiny has got to the point now where there is an almost overwhelming amount to try and play each week and unless you commit to it as your only game you probably won’t get through it all. That’s why I’m trying to knock off a few things before even more comes along.

Things are going to change quite dramatically when Shadowkeep releases both for actual game and for the way the game is run/published. Bungie are moving towards a season pass model that will cost around £10 for a seasons worth of content. With the aim of releasing 4 season in the next year they’re all going to be completely standalone pieces of content and you can pick and choose you want to play.

Whilst I like the flexibility of being able to drop in and out of the game without having to buy previous content to stay up to date. I’m not entirely sold on the season pass yet. That’s because usually I don’t play a game enough during a ‘season’ to get the items I want. Then once the season is over that content is gone. It’s not totally clear how it’s all going to work yet, but I like the current format of being able to go back over old content like I’m doing now and I hope you can still do that going forward.


Nex Machina

For the longest time I’ve heard excellent things about Finnish developers Housemarque. Their PS4 launch title Resogun was a hidden gem and have since only continued to hear good things about Alienation, Nex Machina and Mattefall.

Well Nex Machina got the Limited Run treatment a while back but sadly I missed this. But my Wife stumbled across a copy of it on eBay so grabbed it for me which I’m incredibly chuffed with.

At it’s core, Nex Machina is not a complicated game. It’s a top-down twin-stick shooter. But instead of navigating through levels akin to Ruiner for example, on this you have to destroy a specific wave of enemies and rescue a specific number of humans (if you can) in a reasonably small part of a map. Once the wave is completed you are warped to the next stage of this world.

It’s very much an arcade game.

I’ve really enjoyed the pick up and play ease factor of it, not to mention that it’s really stylish, good fun with some varied enemies as you progress through the arcade levels.

Maybe, just maybe my wife paid over the odds for it given the length and style of the game, but as a huge physical collection fan I can’t thank her enough for grabbing this for me. Now to try snag Alienation and Matterfall (sadly can’t see Resogun getting a physical release).

Days Gone

As mentioned it was my birthday, So with some birthday money I treated myself to Days Gone finally.

Only had a limited amount of time on it thus far with busy weekend, but from what I played of it I’m definitely digging it.

I was tasked with getting my bike back which I’d left behind after an attack, with the intention of then going to a medical area to grab sterilised bandages to treat a rather nasty wound. In leaving the ‘safe’ zone that you habitat, the world being full of freakers and other survivors that have gone full on cult-esque, it’s really intimidating leaving the safe zone. I found in certain missions I wanted no part of the freakers I could see patrolling so was doing my utmost to remain stealthy and undetected. It has a really intense atmosphere.

Very enjoyable so far, and visually it’s another masterpiece for the PS4. Can’t wait to progress further in this, I am however really anxious about my first encounter with a horde.

– Murr

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