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  1. Some good points. Had a very similar conversation this past week with a friend where we had brought breakpoint at launch but not touched it in weeks for varying reasons. A similar issue I have lies with long form solo campaigns, especially open world games without a tight narrative you lose track of what’s going on. Do you start again…push through with the fog of amnesia…??‍♂️

    1. willgsrr says:

      Yea I feel like open world single player games are becoming more the norm when they dont need to be. There is nothing wrong with a good linear campaign.

  2. Samuru says:

    I certainly can’t keep up with all the content myself! I was just writing something similar to this, as it’s just harder and harder to play everything we want to play. Personally, I’ve come to accept (as it seems you have as well) that I just can’t play “all the things!”. There will be DLC, season passes, content, armor, weapons, quests, etc. that I just won’t be able to play and I am OK with that.

    I prefer to enjoy the games that I want to play, and if the hype train is bringing a new “hot game” of the month or year, and I don’t get to it, that’s fine. I want quality over quantity.

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